Firearm Safety

You can think of firearm safety training as the broad introduction to anything that has to do with firearms. Most importantly, this includes the contextual knowledge, assumptions, and philosophy necessary to understand why good honest people, facing extremely violent criminal assault, would need the power to kill another human, and under what circumstances the use of deadly force is not only permissible by society, but necessary for survival.

Firearm safety training isn’t designed to make you an expert shot, but is designed to prepare you with a foundation of knowledge so that you can succeed in more advanced classes. Anything worth learning will take you some time to learn, but by starting with a good foundation, you will be able to progress safely and smoothly in your journey of mastering the usage of firearms in self defense.

The key difference between Firearm Safety and Self Defense and other classes we offer is in the breadth of material vs the depth of material. Your first class will cover a broad introduction to many topics, after which you will progress into an Intro series (aka “one series”) course, such as Introduction to Defensive Handgun, Introduction to Fighting Rifle, or Introduction to Fighting Shotgun to gain a more thorough skillset on the specific type of equipment that suits your needs and interests.

We offer firearm safety training in three formats: Open enrollment, private classes for small groups, and large scale community outreach events that we host in partnership with local organizations.

Most students come into our program via the open enrollment program, Firearm Safety and Self Defense. This course is the product of years of experience teaching firearm safety courses to thousands of students in many states. In total, it runs 12 hours long, which can be split into two days, but is most commonly done 9am to 9pm on the same day. It covers a broad range of pertinent topics, namely self defense psychology, use of force doctrine, and of course, lots of gun handling with all different types of guns. Typically, we run this class every three weeks, and each class hosts between 15-25 students, allowing you an opportunity to socialize with other like minded folks and learn from more senior students who volunteer to assist on the range.

Attendees and staff hang out and socialize after a long hot day of self defense training seminars at the 2021 Asian American Pacific Islander Gun Owners Community Outreach event hosted by Monarch Defense
Beginning students take turns handling and shooting a whole variety of firearms under close supervision and coaching
A variety of ammunition that students may handle in our firearm safety course