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To schedule a private class, please pick out an available date from the drop down menu above, pay for it, and contact Brian at info@monarchdefense.org to discuss details on what you wish to cover in your class, what time to meet, where to go, what equipment is available for you to use, and what you need to bring. As a reminder, we can supply all firearms and ammunition you will need for training, but there may be some logistical considerations we can go over on the phone or via email.

Custom individual or small group instruction is available in the northern California region, and on a limited basis in southern California, Houston, Tampa, or elsewhere in the country. Depending on the economics and logistics, it is also quite possible to bring our classes or seminars to your area. For those inquiries, please speak with Brian at info@monarchdefense.org or 408-892-5460.

We have updated pricing for private classes for the 2020-2021 season. The base rate is now $595 per day for groups up to 6 shooters for custom classes during the week. Similarly, prices for Saturday or Sunday private classes will be $1795 per day for groups of up to 12 people. Equipment, ammunition, earplugs, targets, range fees, etc. are included. 

Most customers who come for a day of training typically prepare for a 6-10 hours day. We can start as early as 8am, or as late as you like, and we typically end before 10pm. Beginners should plan to train in the daylight, returning and more advanced students should prepare to train in the twilight and in the dark.

Regarding location, we have a private valley located one and a half hours east of SJC airport, or one and a half hours south of Livermore. It is between the Mt. Hamilton and San Antonio Valley areas. At our new facility we can host groups as large as 24 people, and we conduct indoor or outdoor training, live fire as well as Simunitions, close quarter battle, first aid, pistol, carbine, shotgun, rifle, taser, pepper spray, folding knife, hand to hand, low light training, and precision rifle training out to 1200 yards.

Edit: Our buildings burned down in the SCU Lightning Complex Fire, so indoor activities will have to be done in other venues.

Regarding curriculum, private classes are customized for your group. In other words, we can do anything you’d like to do as long as it is safe and appropriate for your level. Give Brian a call to discuss your details.


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