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Fighting Shotgun 1 will introduce you to the foundational concepts of castle doctrine, home defense, choosing and purchasing a shotgun, loading, unloading and firing a shotgun in self defense. If you have just bought your first shotgun, are interested in owning one, or are interested in beginning your journey in tactical firearm training, this is your opportunity to get started in a safe, thorough, and beginner friendly manner.


Firearm Safety and Self Defense



As with most all of our classes, this class is funded by donation. For tuition, a suitable donation amount is anything between $50 and $250 per person. For the 2021-2022 school year, I have updated the website to accept credit card payments directly and up front to decrease confusion, no-shows, and administrative workload.

Ammo for this class is separate from tuition, and if you need us to supply ammo, you will pay market rate for a nominal 75 rounds projected for this curriculum. If you have questions, you can contact Brian at, or call 408-892-5460.

In general we will meet at 9am and train until we finish. Classes go at the pace of the median student, and if folks have a lot of questions or are struggling to grasp the material, it may take longer. It depends. I will try to get you guys finished at 7pm, but plan to clear your calendar of distractions and to be here all day, heading home after dark. In the summer months, we may start later in the afternoon to maximize our training in the cooler sunset hour, and avoiding the heat of the midday.

Our facility is located in the Diablo mountain range, one hour and thirty minutes east of downtown San Jose, and one hour south of Livermore. Those who sign up will receive an automated email with driving directions in greater detail.


What is a shotgun, what does it do, and what do we do with it
Review use of force
Normal loading and unloading procedures
Cruiser ready loading procedure
Shotgun wound ballistics and human anatomy
Discussion on gauge, barrel length, choke, shot size, pellet count, and ammunition types
Fundamentals of stance, swing, and recoil management
Patterning buckshot
Gun sizing, setup, and accessories
High speed/high stress drills
Moving targets

Required Equipment:

Pen and paper
50 rounds of birdshot or target load
25 rounds of buckshot
Slugs are optional but not required
Snacks and lunch
Sturdy shoes
Sturdy outdoor clothing (We train rain or shine)
Eye protection
Ear protection

Recommended Equipment: 

Salty snacks
Folding chair
Leather work gloves

You may bring and shoot your personal shotgun if you wish, or we can supply one for you free of charge. We can also supply ammunition, and you just repay us for whatever you use. Make a notes in the comment box during checkout if you need gun or ammo, and specify what caliber. 

Keep it simple; Bring whatever you have and we’ll make it work.


Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or

Additional information


Sunday November 28th, 2021 at 9am


I need equipment (specify in order notes), I have all my own equipment


I need ammo (specify in order notes), I will supply my own ammo