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Please join us on Saturday July 31st 2021 for the first annual Asian American Pacific Islander Gun Owners Community Outreach and Live Fire Range Day!

This event welcomes Asian Americans, friends and allies, new gun owners and veteran members of the gun owning community, prospective new gun owners interested in learning more about self defense, as well as local bay area self-defense and firearm trainers and retailers of arms and ammunition.

-Meet members of the community who share a common interest
-Explore opportunities for training, education, and community involvement
-Learn how to employ the handgun in self defense
-Demo and learn about Less Lethal firearm alternatives such as Byrna, Taser, pepper spray, etc.
-Experience Force on Force training with Rifles and Shotguns for home defense
-Participate in or observe Dynamic training for advanced gun handlers
-Open range time, fun for the whole family
-Bring your own or use ours; Firearm and Ammunition provided! Come try out all sorts of different guns and ammo!
-2 vs 2 Dueling tree championship for bragging rights and prizes!
-Bonfire, refreshments, BBQ and social hour. Food is provided!

To join, please submit $.01 using the online checkout on this page.

Friday 7/30/21:
Industry day – Vendors and sponsors are welcome to set up, meet and finalize preparations, and shoot. Attendees are welcome to come early and camp over.

Media will be performing interview and filming, and all staff will receive instructions and set up.

Saturday 7/31/21:
7am to 9am – Doors open, Check in, coffee and breakfast
9am to 10am – Welcome presentation, guest speakers, introductions, safety briefing
10am to 12pm – First breakout session
12pm to 2pm – Second breakout session (Lunch and snacks during breaks)
2pm to 4pm – Open range and third breakout session
4pm to 6pm – Open range and dueling tree competition
6pm to 8pm – Dynamic Drills, Refreshments, BBQ, meet and socialize
8pm to 9pm – Cleanup. Overnight camping welcome
9pm to ? – Night vision orientation and night shoot

Our private ranch aka “Valley of Orion” is located 9 miles east of Mt. Hamilton, and in the vicinity of San Antonio Valley. 1.5 hours east of SJC, 1 hour south from downtown Livermore. Detail directions will be emailed to those who sign up.

There are no prerequisites to attend this event, just bring an open mind!

Packing List:
While we will provide drinking water and shade and food, you’re welcome to pack your own food, snacks, drinks, sun screen, hat, folding char, etc. Please wear closed toe shoes, bring eye and ear protection, and prepare for some hot weather. We will have spare earplugs and a limited number of loaner safety glasses.

You may bring and shoot your personal firearms and ammunition if you wish, or we will have plenty of firearms you can use free of charge. We will have ammunition to share with you if you need it, which you can pay for at market rate. Contact Brian for details at info@monarchdefense.org.

You are welcome to carry a handgun throughout your time on our property, but it needs to be worn safely in a properly fitted holster. We reserve the right to inspect holsters and firearms and declare it unsafe for use. Firearms carried need to be unloaded and in a holster, or with a chamber safety flag installed. We are not responsible for lost of stolen equipment.

All firearms are welcome, and you will have ample opportunity to get trigger time with your equipment either during guided instruction or during the supervised open range times. All calibers are welcome, steel case and reloaded ammunition is also welcome. If you want to gather brass for reloading, you may do so at the end of the event during cleanup.

We will have opportunity to shoot 4 yard handgun,  25 yard handgun/carbine/shotgun, 200-400 yard rifle, dynamic drills on paper, steel, and rubber targets, and of course, the dueling tree.

Just like our other classes and events, this Community Outreach and Live Fire range day is funded through donations. We ask that you prepare a donation of between $25-$125, which will go towards AAPIGO’s mission of education and outreach in the community, rebuilding of the facility that was destroyed in last summer’s fires, targets and equipment for students and attendees to use, and food and drinks.

We can accept your donation payments before, during, or after the event. Payments by Paypal and Venmo can be directed to info@aapigo.net. Cash can be directed towards Scott Kane or Bobby Yang in person on the day of the event.

Attention: Your one cent signup is a symbol of your commitment to attend. As a responsible and honorable adult, I expect you to make good on your commitment, or communicate clearly. This event will sell out, and there will be many people wanting your spot on the guest list. If you are not going to attend, please email Scott@aapigo.net.


Is this an Asian only event? NO! People of all colors and creeds are welcome.

Are beginners welcome? Yes, no experience is necessary, simply an interest in learning about firearms and self defense.

Do I need a Firearm Safety Certificate to participate? NO!

Will I get a chance to shoot some guns? Yes, we will be providing dozens of different types of firearms that you could handle and learn about and shoot.

Can I bring my Porsche 911 GT3 Super-Turbo? Yes. This event can be a car show as well as a gun show, and the drive out will be super-fun (Mines Rd. from Livermore highly recommended; watch out for cyclists!). Be advised, the final ½ mile of the drive is over a dirt/gravel road, but this can be traversed by a Mazda MX-5 and a Corvette, so your car should be fine.

    1. Can I bring my own guns?
      1. Bringing your own firearms is a GREAT IDEA. 
        1. This event is a great opportunity to learn about your firearms and equipment 
      2. If bringing your own firearms, you will need to check them in/unload them at the front desk when you arrive. 
        1. For ALL firearms and personal equipment, you will place a piece of blue masking tape with your name on it
      3. You are then invited to use your personal firearms at the range during live-fire sessions, as part of our formal educational sessions or during free range time. 
        1. If you have a firearm you’re willing to share with/allow other attendees to use, please let the staff know
        2. It’s always great for new gun owners and beginners to be able to try a wide variety of firearms
      4. Long guns:
        1. With a lot of attendees and a lot of equipment, it is possible to mistake similar looking bags. For this reason, pay attention to where you place your things, and it may be a good idea to leave your rifle or shotgun inside your vehicle.
  • YOU are responsible for all your firearms at all times. 
    1. Please bring your own ammunition if you are intending to bring your own firearm.  

Can I CARRY a gun during the event?

    1. Yes, participants/attendees may carry a handgun or long gun during the event, BUT:
      1. Must be unloaded
      2. Must be in a holster
      3. Holster must be of safe design, properly worn/secured, and in good condition 
      4.  You MUST attend the safety briefing before doing so and then obey all expectations for safety and proper conduct
      5. You will ONLY use your handgun/remove it from its holster during supervised training on the firing range
      6. We reserve the right to have staff inspect your equipment at any time for safety
      7. We have a strict no-tolerance policy for safety violations
        1. One violation will result in a warning
        2. A second violation and you will be required to leave, no exceptions
    2. Carrying a gun is an essential part of the meaning of the Second Amendment, and AAPIGO is fighting for that right to be recognized everywhere in California
    3. Furthermore, we wish to inculcate a culture and ethic here in California which already exists in much of the United States, that firearms are an embedded part of American society and individuals carrying a gun for self-defense is a normal activity in a free society
      1. As such, those who wish to carry a gun while attending the event may do so, as this is a unique opportunity to practice carrying a gun safely and responsibly on one’s person during day-to-day life (as well as an opportunity to learn how comfortable or practical your equipment is)
      2. Also, part of the education provided at this event will involve Concealed Carry techniques and holster work, and it will save time if participants are already holstered/ready to go
      3. Loaner equipment (holsters and pistols) will be available, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to bring your own pistol and its holster if you intend to carry it or use it for self-defense
    4. Carrying a gun is not just a right but also a responsibility, a responsibility we take equally as seriously as we take our rights.
      1. Strict safety guidelines will be observed at all times (see list above)

Can I take pictures/video? Yes, but before taking detailed pictures of people’s faces and firearms, it is better to ask for explicit permission first.

Can I use credit cards or Apple Pay/Google Pay? Cash is appreciated! We will try our best to accommodate, but understand we may not be able to process your credit cards due to the poor cell reception.

Can I bring high-capacity magazines? If you have standard capacity magazines, you are welcome to bring them. 

Can I bring non-CA-compliant firearms? It is YOUR responsibility to know all applicable laws and how (or whether) you comply with them. You may bring and use anything, so long as it is safe to use, at your own discretion and risk.

Understand that this is a PUBLIC event; The media may be present, and photography and video will take place. We will try our best to protect any sensitive items but cannot guarantee they will not be recorded. If you do not want something photographed or videoed, it is your responsibility to ensure it. 

Can I bring beer? You are more than welcome to bring your beverage of choice and join us for refreshments and adult beverages during our social hour at the close of the day. STRICTLY NO DRINKING of alcoholic beverages before 6PM or at any time while firearms will be handled. If you are inebriated or intoxicated (including use of drugs, legal, illegal, or prescription), you will not be allowed to handle firearms, and may be asked to leave. Drink responsibly; do NOT drink and drive. Consider carpooling and designating a driver. 

Is electric vehicle recharging available? No. Unfortunately, this facility was destroyed by the SCU Lightning Complex Fire in 2020, and the EV recharge station has yet to be rebuilt. 

Do you have cell reception? NO! This is a remote facility; cell signal is spotty, weak at best and often non-existent. Plan to get there and be there without a cell phone for the day.

Can I bring my dog? Dogs are welcome. Shade and water is available. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior. 

Can I bring kids? Children and families are welcome. The safety and conduct of your children is YOUR responsibility! Adult supervision required for all minors at all times. Parent/legal guardian MUST be present. 

WARNING: temperatures may be EXTREME (100F or higher), so be prepared for hot weather (e.g. bring a shade or screen for your car windshield).

WARNING: this is a REMOTE facility, far away from civilization. Gas stations and restaurants are non-existent past Livermore or San Jose. Bring AT LEAST one-half tank full of gasoline (or battery equivalent for electric vehicles) so you can get here and return.

How can I contact the organizer with my questions? Scott Kane is the lead organizer for the event, and questions regarding attendance or partnerships/sponsorships should be directed to him. He can be reached at Scott@aapigo.net or (503) 989-7231.

Brian Wang is the facilities, training, and logistics coordinator. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org.


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Date and time

Saturday July 31st, 2021 at 8am, Waitlist