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  1. silly willy tonto

  2. buon appetit!

  3. joe said:

    wow… what a fuckin douche… 

  4. that person fails.

  5. Henry said:

    Therefore the Masteracts without doing anythingand teaches without saying anything.Things arise and she lets them come;things disappear and she lets them go.She has but doesn’t possess,acts but doesn’t expect.When her work is done, she forgets it.That is why it lasts forever.

  6. James Gotti said:

    Awsome perspective man i personally carry revolvers and leave the first bullet out incase my son gets it i feel his safety is too priority and if i need to defend myself i can squeeze 2x easily thanks for letting me know im not weird lol

  7. Gail Pepin said:

    Excellent advice, Brian. Keep on learning and keep on teaching.

  8. proarms said:

    Excellent advice, Brian. Keep on learning and keep on teaching.

  9. Mike Shannahan said:

    This policy would block ads for courses at gun shops like Annie’s Guns, based on the location. It would not block ads for Tactica as the primary business is martial arts. For Coyote Valley, although they do sell guns and ammo, I suspect by sales volume that the primary business (>50%) is rental of shooting lanes and instruction services. In reading the prohibited content, ads must not promote the sale or use of weapons, so under that you would not be able to promote training since that uses weapons

    I’ll bring your rifle sunday.

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  10. Jason Brugh said:

    Interesting, it must be the air out there. The Brian I know who has always taken time and been graciously open to help everyone whether a student in a class or just someone struggling at the range never once acted like this. I would hate to see the reviews about other instructors and classes I’ve went through.

    The dynamics of gun triaining, skills and safety are nothing to be taken lightly given the inharebt danager of their operation. Keep doing what your doing my friend. You have plenty of friends and students that know better. Miss you buddy, hope my client out in Cali got ahold of you, there’s just another reason I call someone 1,000 miles away rather then told him to buy the magpul DVD series to learn how to “Operate, Operationally”!

    Sheep Dog out!

  11. Well, it also helps if you’ve been formally trained as a student, both as a member of a unit requiring qualification AND as a firearms instructor, and THEN serve as a firearms instructor for 3-1/2 years. Having formal schooling (i.e. military or LE) to learn how to become an instructor is a plus.

  12. Henry Simpson said:

    I’ve always had a saying that when I quit learning is when I’m six feet under. It has kept me humble and reminds me that the journey for knowledge regardless of the subject never ends. The same holds true as an instructor/teacher, when I quit learning, I’ll quit teaching.

    Good job Brian!

  13. Ken R said:

    As an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for 40 years, the FAA’s Fundamentals of Instruction book is a great way to economically learn how to teach. The laws of learning are universal and when coupled with technical knowledge makes for an effective instructor who fosters student subject retention.

  14. Fantastic article. This issue of “it’s easy to tech people to shoot” has to cease. I fault the NRA for encouraging such. They seem to believe if you own guns you too can teach.

    Many days at the end of my teaching I am drained,,, I know i gave it 110%. It requires much more than citing facts & charts,,, you must be able to identify & connect with people.

  15. LARRY W RATLIFF said:

    Good post. So what exactly is your solution to ” I simply apply logic, proper English grammar, and existing gun safety best practice to more effectively teach gun safety to the masses” How are you teaching those three rules now?

  16. martin m. said:

    First, I would like to Thank You for being an Instructor, teacher and in some form a guidance counselor.

    For all of those people that are still willing to continue learning, anything, Thank You.

    As long as We, as a Nation, keep an open mind and listen to both sides of the current gun issues we will get through this. It is the closed minded people, who are unwilling to get educated, that will ruin this country.

  17. Geoff said:

    So what’s the line that seperates hero and villain?

  18. Craig said:

    I absolutely agree that being a gun owner should be about the common goal of reducing violence in our society. I feel this has been lost over time and we need to strive to promote this mindset of safety.