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This class is for:

  • Current and prospective study group leaders
  • Those interested in practicing at the facility unsupervised


Opening procedures
Checking for suspicious activity, thieves, squatters
Traffic Pattern
Parking procedures
Steel targets, Paper targets, Rubber targets
Frangible ammunition
Lead safety
Supervising others in firearm safety
Where to find and how to use tools
How to service targets
Kubota SVL75-2 tracked loader starting procedure, fueling, safe operation
Water, the spring, tanks, valves, pipes, filters, procedures for leaks, wintertime below freezing procedure
Where to find Adobe Valley Spring for drinking water
Firewood operations
Chainsaw operation and safety
Wood stove
Burn Barrels
Solar power
Trash and recycling
Fire Extinguishers
Brush fire procedure
Building fire procedure
Cattle, stray dog, neighbor, trespasser, law enforcement etc. visitor procedures
Contact information for law enforcement and neighbors
Nearest Trauma center
Helicopter landing zone procedure
Helicopter signaling, daytime and night time
How to use tire inflator
How to jump start
How to use tow strap for vehicle recovery
Trauma first aid
Boo boo first aid
Recognizing dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hypothermia
Emergency procedures for heat stroke
Cooking resources, procedures, fire safety
Bathroom procedures
Wifi password and troubleshooting
Signal booster
Light switches and water valves
Caution regarding wild animals, rodents, etc.
Brass and range clean up procedure
Closing and locking checklist

Packing List: 

Bring notebooks, work gloves, hat, water, etc.
Camping welcome and encouraged.
Holstered handgun welcome
4×4 truck/jeep recommended.
Donations towards the facility welcome but not required for this class.


Contact Brian Wang at 408-892-5460 or

Additional information


Sunday October 30th, 2022 at 9am