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In 2009 I made my first batch of ammunition, and blew up my very first pistol, a Springfield GI 1911 in 45acp. That experience scared the shit out of me but it also taught me to pay attention to details.

For years now students and I have operated a reloading co-op at Monarch Defense. We’ve collected tremendous experience through trial and error, and now make tons of affordable non-lead practice ammunition for the school and custom precision ammunition for hunting and long range target shooting, thus allowing our school and community to persevere even during times of political turmoil or shortage.

Fast forward to 2022, one of the biggest contributions I brought to the defenders of Ukraine was the knowledge of how to make precision match grade ammunition, systematically and on a large scale, such that they could stretch their budget and have enough ammunition for snipers and marksmen to train to develop their skills even during a war when everything is in limited supply.

Those experiences in Ukraine have proven to me the principle “logistics before tactics”. It’s time we formalize this knowledge into one comprehensive class, so you too can learn how to make ammunition under full supervision and guidance so that you can protect yourself against rising costs and future shortages, shoot farther, and truly appreciate the intricate science and craftsmanship of hand making modern ammunition.

While the initial class is a 1 day affair, included in the price of tuition is the time, tools, cases, primers, powder, and bullets, for your first test batch, plus shooting range time and coaching support for your long term project that may include live fire accuracy, reliability and velocity testing. Each student will then have access to the reloading co-op’s space, tools and components to continue the production of their personal ammunition.

Class is limited to 4 students at once, as teaching this topic requires lots of hands on guidance and supervision, and this way each student will have enough presses, dies, and equipment to use. Class runs from 10am to 6pm in San Jose, CA. Driving directions will be emailed to attendees upon registration.

This class is for:

  • Those interested in making custom pistol and rifle ammunition for hunting, competition, long range precision, and training
  • Those interested in learning more about and participating in the school’s reloading co-op


Why make custom ammo (and why not)
History and development of modern metallic cartridges
Overview of the reloading process
Economics of loading custom new ammunition and reloading spent shells
Introduction to tools and presses
Comparing powders and projectiles
Quality inspection
Record keeping
Testing and safety

Packing List: 

Notebook and writing instrument
Firearm and magazine that you are interested in loading for (optional)
Powder, primers, cases, and projectiles for your personal project (optional)


Contact Brian Wang at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

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Aug 6th, 2023 at 10am, Oct 1st, 2023 at 10am, Dec 3rd, 2023 at 10am