New for 2023 we are proud to invite students and guests of students to use our facility for unsupervised practice and camping. Available training areas are 25m pistol range, 300m rifle range, 100m zeroing range, 1000m unknown distance range, and pond and campground.

All reservations are for 4 hour blocks of time, with the option to stay later if no other party is scheduled afterwards. Price is $50 per person Monday – Friday and $50 per person with a $200 minimum per group for Saturday and Sunday reservations.

You must either have a certified Facility Operator in your party, or schedule a time when Brian can be there with you.

Facility reservations are intended for students of our school and those who have recieved formal training from other schools to practice in a controlled and safe manner. You will be expected to demonstrate your level of training if visiting us for the first time, and to train only within the limits of your competence. While you may use holsters, and practice rapid fire, dynamic movement, teamwork, and night time live fire, it is recommended that you complete at least SkillBuilder or level 2 training from Monarch Defense on your weapon type before attempting to practice dynamic combat style shooting unsupervised.

To reserve the facility for practice, contact Brian Wang at 408-892-5460 or with your intended training plan and desired date. Then, copy and paste the following template into your order notes during checkout and fill out all information. Each member of your party must submit a unique registration. Failure to do so may result in denial of reservation.

Your Full Name:
Group Name:
Certified Facility Operator Name:
Reservation Date(s):
Reservation Time(s):
Reservation Space(s):
Training Plan:

Note that this is the final step in the reservation process. The dates, times, and spaces should be pre-arranged with Monarch Defense prior to registering. Premature reservations and payments will not be refunded. Any cancellations can be applied to another class or reservation for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Certified Facility Operators assume full responsibility and liability for all activities during facility reservation duration.

Contact the stewards or Brian Wang with any questions.