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Monarch Defense offers a comprehensive tactical training experience, at a secluded facility right here in the bay area with 360 degree safe firing direction, 800 foot tall backstop, night time live fire capability, steel targets out to 1200 yards, filtered spring water, hot showers after class, bonfires and camping, and amazing night time stars.

Please join us for Precision Rifle 2, the second of three fun, exciting, and confidence inspiring classes that allow you to explore the art and science of precision rifle shooting, and the philosophy and history of sniper craft. This program is made for intermediate level students, and is offered 4 times per year.

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Understanding your scope, your reticle, turrets, and focus adjustments
Fine tune your base line zero
Computing range
Estimating wind
Improve upon rifle fundamentals: breathing, aiming, and trigger press
Gathering dope on known distance targets
Field positions practice


Our facility is 1 hour east of San Jose. Detailed directions will be emailed to those who sign up.


Classes start at 9 am unless specified otherwise. Class ends at approximately 7pm, or sundown, depending on what time of year, and depending on how fast the students learn. Usually we will stay on the range till last light to squeeze in a few last rounds of practice. December and January precision rifle classes will start at 7 am to compensate for the early sunset in winter.

Required Equipment:

Rifle with externally adjustable scope with milling reticle and 100 rounds of match ammo per day. We can supply your rifle and ammunition for $80 per day.
Notebook such as Rite in the Rain 5″ x 7″ waterproof notebook
Small ruler
Lunch and snacks
1 gallon of water per day
Sturdy shoes
Sturdy outdoor clothing (We train rain or shine)
Eye protection
Ear protection
Gun cleaning kit and lubricant
Tools necessary to mount and zero your scope and to maintain your rifle
1 old calf length sock, or ready made sandsock/rearbag

Recommended equipment: 

Brimmed hat, such as a “boonie”
Extra jackets and warm clothing
Folding chair
Sturdy gloves
Rifle sling
Laser range finder
Spotting scope


Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

Cancellation Policy: 

There is no penalty to reschedule your class as long as you provide written notice at least 1 hour before the start of class by email to info@monarchdefense.org. Your credit is good for 1 year. We do not provide refunds.

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Apr 30, Jun 11, Sep 17, Dec 10