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Please contact Brian at or 408-892-5460 to discuss details such as what topics you wish to work on, who, what, where, when etc. Classes available in English and 普通话.

Firearms, ammunition, facility, holsters, magazines, gear, etc. are all provided for you. You do not need any of your own equipment in order to come and learn. You are welcome to bring your own ammunition, or simply pay us back for whatever you use at market rate. We do not sell ammo per se, but we make a point to have all the common calibers on hand for your convenience.


Half-day high-efficiency private lesson for 1-2 students $500.

Small group full day 3-6 people, $250 per person.

Medium group full day 7-12 people, $175 per person.

Large group full day 13-25 people, $125 per person.

Typical full day classes are 8-10 hours and you can choose when to start and end. Half day classes are 4-5 hours.

Regarding dates, you can pick any date that is not already taken on the home page upcoming classes list. Weekends are rare, so schedule those proactively and aggressively. Weekdays are easy to schedule on short notice.

When signing up in a group, nominate one person to be your class coordinator, and as each person signs up, put in the comment field the name of your group coordinator and the date of your class. Each person will need to complete their own registration, and this will allow us to know exactly who is coming, and how to contact you for emergency or last minute communications. This also allows us direct communication to discuss logistics such as what firearms you want to borrow, what ammunition you may need, and what types of topics you are hoping to cover in your class, driving directions, etc.

Regarding location, private classes can take the form of in home consultations regarding firearm safety and home defense. For live fire, we hold classes at our training facility 1 hour east of San Jose.

We conduct live fire training outdoors, as well as Simunition/UTM force on force training, close quarter battle, first aid, pistol, carbine, shotgun, rifle, taser, pepper spray, hand to hand, low light/white light, night vision, and precision rifle out to 1200 yards.

Regarding curriculum, private classes are customized for your group. In other words, we can do anything you’d like to do as long as it is safe and appropriate for your level. Depending on how quickly you learn, we can often cover academic material extremely efficiently in a private setting, potentially covering two days’ worth of normal class in one day. Call Brian to discuss details.

Finally, with regards to the weather, all classes proceed rain or shine. There are very rare circumstances that would force us to reschedule due to weather. If the roads are collapsed due to mudslide, closed or unsafe to drive due to ice, if we have severe lightning, or other real hazards to your safety, then we may opt to cancel or reschedule the class. If we cancel the class, we will offer you the option for a full refund or to reschedule. If you need to cancel the class due to emergency or unforeseen event, then we will handle refunds/reschedules on a case by case basis, but generally speaking, if it is a legitimate issue, it should not be a problem.

The problem arises if you “don’t want” to come to class after you have paid and committed to our training day, and I have already booked out my calendar and committed my schedule and resources to training with you. Under those circumstances of “I changed my mind”, or “I don’t want to get wet”, I have no sympathy to offer you, and for cancellation requests received by email within 7 days of the date of class, you will receive a 50% credit for the tuition you have paid, and you will forfeit the other 50%. If you give me written notice by email that you need to reschedule at least 7 days ahead of time, then we will happily reschedule you to another day with no penalty. If you no-show and do not call or email me before the class, you will forfeit 100% of your course fees.

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Half Day Private Class for 1 or 2, I'm part of a larger group or full day class