Brian Wang, the lead instructor and founder of Monarch Defense, recounts the story of a tragic home invasion, robbery and murder, and how that event forever changed the type of classes that Monarch Defense offers.

At the outset of this story in 2016, Brian has relocated back to his childhood city, San Jose, and at the time, he is exclusively teaching private lessons and private packages.

On a particularly stressful day, he receives a phone call from a woman looking to learn how to use a gun for self defense. The story of why she approaches Brian for knowledge and guidance is backed by a violent, tragic story and a sober reminder of how life is precious and needs to be defended against those who wish to do harm.

In the end, the woman wasn’t able to become a student of Monarch Defense because the private lesson price was too high. After the phone call, Brian thought on his inaccessibility and lack of empathy by running the business the way that he did. With that, he made the decision to change how he teaches firearms to the public.

Now I had a drive, I needed to go out and educate folks

Weekend classes to make it easier for people to make time to come to class. Open enrollment classes with class sizes of 12 – 28, depending on the class. Lower prices to make it more accessible for anyone who wants to learn about firearms.

Thank you for watching this video and allowing us to share an important event that shapes Monarch Defense to this day.

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