Training on a dynamic range means that shooters should know how to move with their gun in hand in a safe manner. When we train, we stick to the pointing the muzzle in the directions of up, down or down range. Up towards the sky. Down towards the earth and down range as designated. These general principles will help you determine the best course of action in the real world.

High port – safe muzzle direction and trigger finger placement

There are many different ways to hold your gun and names for those different ways. By no means is there a best position or a one-size-fits-all position. However, there are positions that are better suited for one situation over another. For example, temple index is not ideal if your children’s bedrooms are upstairs above you, nor is position sul ideal if an elderly neighbor lives downstairs. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of various positions will help you use your gun appropriately as you face different situations.

High Port

In this position, the rifle is brought muzzle up and close to your body. This will help you maintain safe muzzle direction while moving in close proximity with other people. You will be able to keep your head up to maintain situational awareness.

With one arm to hold the rifle, the other hand is free to manipulate the environment (open doors, move people, etc) or if needing to cover ground quickly, pump, as you naturally would while running. In this position, the weight of the rifle is close to you and helps you maintain balance as you move and turn. Cradling the weight, much like you do a baby, allows you to reduce arm and upper body fatigue as well.

Free arm can pump to run more naturally

Presentation to the target from this position can be more efficient than coming up from position such as low ready. If you’re in a typical house environment, the muzzle’s arc of travel coming up from low ready might be crowded by furniture, tables and counters.

In a close range fighting situation, you can get your second hand on it and from this position, it can be an effective striking tool and you will have better retention and control over the rifle. If you find yourself wrestling over the rifle, you are able to put your entire body weight behind the rifle as you move the muzzle downwards onto the target whereas from the low ready position, you only have your arm strength to fight it up.

Use all five fingers to grip for extra stability

Lastly, a final tip. For long distance hauls where getting to the trigger quickly is not an immediate concern, consider wrapping all five fingers around the grip as this provides more stability and comfort for support the weight.