We want to help you guys prepare for a great Dynamic Drills Day (or any other Monarch Defense class, really) We recommend starting to prepare at least a week in advance so you have time to test your gear and if needed, buy what you need.

Prepare for the weather

In the summer, wear light, breathable garments and plenty of sunscreen. Bring water, water and more water. Bring a bucket of ice in a cooler. Bring shade and seating if you wish. Heat stroke on the range is no joke and we’ve seen it happen.

In the winter, wear long underwear and layers. Wool and synthetic materials work best. Wear a hat, scarf and thick wool sock. As for gloves, make sure you wear them and test them out with your guns.

Prepare your body

Your physical shape will dictate how much you will be able to get out of the day on the range. When the body starts to become fatigued, the mind will exhaust as well preventing you from learning new skills and benefiting from training. Students who are under stress both physically and mentally will start to make mistakes and we don’t want that.

Stretch daily. Sleep well. Eat well. Exercise.


Buy a holster that is fitted to your gun. One-size-fits-all nylon holsters do not secure weapons well and make it difficult to safely draw and reholster the weapon. If you have any questions about holsters, contact us and we will give you some suggestions.

Slings for long guns

A holster is to a handgun as a sling is to the long gun. For those who are unfamiliar with slings, we recommend two-point slings as they are very versatile and are a good starting point. Students have brought three point and one point slings in the past which work well too. Though, one point slings tend to bang around when movement is involved in drills

No steel core ammo. No green tip.

Do not use steel core ammo on our steel targets. They rip holes in the steel targets and wreck them real fast.

Feel free to bring frangible ammunition if you’d like, but not required.

Mark your magazines

On the range, we will not be training for you to retain your magazines. Empty magazines will end up on the ground to be collected after your turn or when instructed. Your mags may be mixed in with other students’ so mark your magazines to distinguish them from others. Especially Glock and GI mags. Very popular, everyone has them. Use tape, mark them with sharpies, paint ’em pink, up to you.

Test your gear at home

Try on your gear at home as if you’ll be on the range. Put all of your gear on and adjust straps and pouch positions as needed. Crawl around on the living room floor, get into and out of different shooting positions and make sure your gear doesn’t bind you up at any point. We’ve seen students lose guns out of holsters, fumble with magazines, or see stuff simply fall off.

Ask questions before class

We are accessible to you before class day. Feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram, call us, email us. We will help you the best we can to make sure you will get the most out of Dynamic Drills Day!

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Call Brian at (408) 892-5460

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