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Friends and students, I want you to sit down and carefully watch this video from start to finish. It’s hard, but please, for your own sake and the sake of those you love, watch it, and dispel denial from your mind. Bad things happening to good people for seemingly no reason. What you see here boils down to a simple question: When faced with your last choice, do you choose to not choose, or do you choose to live? This victim wasn’t willing to do what it took to live, or in other words, she chose to let someone else choose her fate. Don’t be like her.

Folks, in the world there are predators, criminals, and those who just don’t care about your well being as much as getting what they want, be it revenge, as it appears in this case, your possessions, your body, your livelihood, or your life.  Who is coming to save you? Nobody. Don’t expect to be able to simply call someone for help, or to have bystanders save you, or that your attacker would have mercy on you. All of those thoughts are simply obstacles in the way of accepting the truth.

You have no right to live, no right to be safe, and no right to feel safe. Anyone who tells you that is a fool. The only thing that you have a right to, is what you are willing to fight for, to die for. Unless you are willing to die fighting for your life, what authority do you have to demand someone else to stop attacking you? Unless you’re willing to use the necessary amount of force to back it up, no amount of pleading or reasoning will stop someone determined to do you harm.

Take a good look at that old lady who tried to convince him to stop. Don’t you think she saw the risk of approaching this man? It’s not difficult to believe that she fully recognized that if the man turned and chopped her to pieces too, that she was at peace with her age and her own mortality, she was willing to accept the consequences.

If that was you, and you had no other means of defense, or the means necessary to stop someone by force, would you attempt to reason with a mad man in the act of murder? If that was you, watching from afar and filming for the world to see, pretending to stay un-involved, could you live with yourself or sleep peacefully at night knowing you did nothing?

For those friends who disagree with the civilian ownership of firearms. Open your eyes and stop deluding yourself. As you watch this film what is the one thing you find yourself pleading? “Please let someone, anyone come and stop him!” How many unarmed witnesses there in that housing complex thought to intervene but had neither the tools nor the training to do so? Violence has nothing to do with the weapon, and only to do with what is in the heart of the individual. Someone who has committed to a life of violence can only be stopped in the act by force. Guns are not your problem, get with the program. Apathy and the decay of morality is what plagues us today. Those of us who still do care, who train and live an armed lifestyle are good, peace loving people…so much so that we are willing to do necessary violence to ensure it. Are you?

When faced with your last choice, do you choose to live, or do you choose to not choose?