“Avoid Brian at all costs.
Brian was bullied as a kid and decided when he grew up he would return serve.
Our class was a nightmare as he criticized, maligned, put down and embarrassed each student.
One couple enrolled simply to learn something new – both very educated and gracious and Brian made a point to belittle them.
He wrote all of our names on his arm in sharpie. In a circle. One guy, Al, was chastised because he didn’t call himself his proper name, Alexander.
He launched into a rant about ISis…he passed around a plastic gun…
Waste of time and money.”

Thanks for the feedback Laurel! Thanks for your bravery to openly comment and criticize. I can’t please everyone, and all teaching styles have their drawbacks. I’m sorry you didn’t find my style to your liking, but if you left having retained knowledge after I critically encouraged all of the students to engage with the material, to be accountable for everyone’s safety, to think hard, to work for their knowledge and exercise precision in their words, precision in their thoughts and precision in their actions….well then it was all worth it in the end.


Remember readers, my job isn’t for you to like me or like my style necessarily. While I hope you do, my job is for you to be safe, and learn critical life saving skills. If that means not pleasing everyone 100%, I’ll accept that and I know you will too. Sorry guys, the world isn’t a nice place; You pay me to prepare you for it, not to hold your hand, tie your shoes, and feed you easy answers. Thanks again Laurel!

PS. To my students out there and to my peers who teach firearms safety: Do you agree that passing around the plastic (blue) gun is a waste of time and money? Haha.

Brian Wsight-picture-exerciseang is a full time firearms and self-defense instructor who resides in the San Francisco bay area. He is trained under the Massad Ayoob Group to guide everyday students like yourself through the complex physical and psychological aspects of using a firearm in self-defense. He and his fellow instructors offer group and private classes every day of the week in and around the Bay area. You can find more information about upcoming classes here.