0:00 Introduction
0:20 Why train left handed
1:02 Instructors need to know how to teach left handed students
2:00 1911 safety for left handed users
3:35 Manipulating the slide right and left hand
5:04 Single side decockers
5:43 Magazine release for left handed users
6:11 Locking the slide to the rear
7:50 Overhand vs Slingshot for racking the slide
8:46 Review manipulations using Glock
10:00 Clearing malfunctions left and right handed

TLDR: Instructors need to know how to teach left handed students. Turn the ejection port down so gravity helps clear the chamber. Commonality of training helps you learn more efficiently.

10869340_10103052337183671_18688557553797566_oBrian Wang is a full time firearms and self-defense instructor who resides in the San Francisco bay area. He is trained under the Massad Ayoob Group to guide civilian students through the complex legal, moral, and social  ramifications of the use of Deadly Force in self-defense. Learn more about specialty classes here.