My students will recognize a concept that I reference often: The state of Unconscious Incompetence. Ironically, of all of the curricula that I teach, pepper spray class is the cheapest, the most fun, and the most universally applicable. The problem? Given a brief mention, most people don’t realize just how much goes into using and carrying some aerosol bad-guy repellent. Only those who have experienced it realize how profound a discussion about self-defense mindset can have on your daily well being and confidence.

Luckily, knowledge is the only possession that gains value when you give it. So here, some insight and commentary on the common types of pepper spray canisters. Enjoy!

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P1040432.JPGThese are some of the contents from the author’s pockets. Notice each of the pens and flashlights can easily double as a quick access Kubotan in a time of need. The aluminum bodied ASP Key Defender serves as low profile keyring holder, instrument of attitude adjustment, and refillable hot sauce dispenser!


About the Author:
Brian Wang is a full time firearms and self-defense instructor who resides in the San Francisco bay area. He is trained under the Triple Arc Training Group to guide civilian students through the effective and realistic use of Oleoresin Capsicum as a tool of self-defense. He and his fellow instructors offer custom private and group classes for civilian students every week in an around the Bay area, with occasional offerings in Houston, Tampa, and Los Angeles. You can find more information about upcoming classes here.