Brother rabbit, please forgive the life I must take, for I am hungry and I have mouths to feed. Your sacrifice brings nourishment to my family just as the sweet green grass and morning dew brings prosperity to yours. To live I must eat, and to eat I must kill, and such is the cycle of life. Please forgive me, for I am rabbit too. Your sacrifice spares senseless birth and subsequent death of a chicken, or a pig, poor pathetic creatures foreign to this land, raised under bright lights day and night, from industrial byproduct soy meal and antibiotics. Nothing more than a living copper top, a formless, lifeless hamburger. For although I must kill to eat, or pay someone else to kill on my behalf, you, unlike those other poor creatures, has lived a full life, one of freedom, of plenty, and in the way things were meant to be. Your offspring will prosper even in your absence, and for years to come, like you have for years past, your offspring will supply my children with natural, sustainable, healthy nourishment. No part of you will go to waste, and no part of you will be canned or processed or frozen or taken to some far away land. Forgive me, brother rabbit, for the life that I must take.