There was once a boy who had a pair of dogs. These dogs would run away if given the chance, and so the boy lived in constant fear of accidentally letting them loose. One day, the dogs ran away, still on their leash and tied together. The boy fretted and worried, but did not give chase, for he had once heard from a wise man the phrase: If you love, let go. The boy loved his dogs, and thus, he waited, and he waited, and waited. When he felt he could wait no more, he suddenly heard the sound of jiggling collars, and he knew, the dogs had returned!

The boy was overjoyed! He showered the dogs in praise and treats, he watered them and petted them. His fears were gone now, his dogs would return! His love had not been in vain, his worry not wasted! His dogs loved him and would return to him, and so, the boy took of their leashes which bound them together. Certainly, they were tired, and wanted to rest at home. Surely, they would run no more tonight.

And then, they ran off again. And the boy knew, he was but a fool.