I’m at sna airport, I watch as a man stands up his luggage, to turn to tend to his family. As he turns, his luggage falls over. A second man happens to be walking right at the luggage, clearly watches as it leans over and topples within arms reach, while yet gingerly detouring around it and continues on his way.

I don’t understand people like this! If it was me, I would have reached out, caught it as it was falling, and delivered it back to the owner but 2 feet away, with a smile. What’s wrong with this guy? What’s wrong with our world today, that such a small act of kindness is too much to ask? This vignette is illustrative of the ailment of the affluent here in orange county. Snobby punks like this disgust me.

Meanwhile….let’s figure out how the hell I can get to oklahoma since my flight this morning was canceled due to weather in the midwest. A new day, a new challenge. Such is life.