I am on ak47world.com right now, and i see for sale inert RPG7s for sale. I would lie to purchase 1 or 2, depending on the price.

If they are still available, please let me know.

Hey Brian,

    JUST ‘where’ do you SEE RPG-7’s for SALE on AK47World.com ???

    AND if you did find ACTUAL INERT RPG-7’s for sale somewhere – they’d be over $2,000 each – except in IRAQ & Afghanistan, or places like that…

    Or, did you assume that just because you SAW our picture LQQKING for RPG-7’s – that it automatically INFERRED that we have RPG-7’s for SALE ???

          ‘Reading & Comprehension 101’ from www.ak47world.com


You sir are very condescending. I can imagine you make very many enemies in this world. All you had to do is just politely say “no, we don’t have them for sale, in fact we are looking to buy them” in your reply, and I would go on my merry way. I can read and comprehend just fine, but since you run a website selling things, and you are looking to buy inert rpg7s, then it is possible that you might have one to sell. Is there anything wrong in me asking?

You run a site with good info and good products, I would be happy to give you my business, but being rude like this with a potential customer and friend who you have never met is just looking to turn away business.

I wish you the best in your political action and future endeavors.


Hey Brian,

   WE WANT to RUN OFF Customers WHO CAN’T READ & Comprehend – because selling things to people who can’t READ & COMPREHEND is just too much ‘BRAIN DAMAGE’ !!!

                              ‘Good Riddance’ from www.ak47world.com