This morning, lying sprawled on top of the humvee, I woke to the sound of the bustling streets of Torrance.

I had left my credit card on the tab, and could not remember leaving the bar, and certainly didn’t remember walking out to my truck, or driving it down to in front of the bar. The day before, The truck was stripped completely bare of top, doors, rear curtain, and or windshield, and everything was totally exposed. When I woke, I discovered to my amusement that I had been slumbering like a rock with the city streets as my bedchamber, while people went about their business as usual.

I open my eyes to a bottle of gatorade, patiently awaiting me on the drivers seat. On the floor of the driver compartment is a goodie bag with a turkey sandwich, cheddar cheese crackers, chewy trailmix bar, beef jerky, and more gatorade. To my left is a neat stack of napkins, and an empty trash bag. My friend Amaya is just too good to me!

As I came to, and sat upright, I tenderly massaged the life back into my throbbing head. Oh hangover, how I do not miss you!

Weak from the prior night’s intoxication, cell phone out of power, parents probably wondering if I was still alive, I laced my boots, rolled up the foam pad, stuffed my sleeping bag, dug out my driving helmet, started up, and lumbered east to find 405 and home.

What an adventure! It’s a beautiful day full of blue sky and warm sun, perfect for a looong nap on the big bean bag.