Dear Santa,

This year, if I am a good boy, would you please see to it that under the tree next christmas (or sooner) I find:

2 new frame rails
1 new power steering pump
1 new windshield glass
5 new Resilient Tech Non-Pneumatic Tires
1 spare wheel
1 Ibis tek Rear Bumper Kit
4 used Scepter Diesel fuel cans in OD from ebay
1-2 Scepter water cans
1 scepter fuel can spout with viton seal
1 Predator motorsports 2wd/4wd transfer case
Is a new engine and transmision too much to ask?
1 Hummer H1 auxillary fuel tank
1 Waste Vegetable Oil line, switches, heater, filter
1 brand new flat coat of CARC substitute paint in tan
1 new Mushroom
my old mushroom (air filter cap) that popped off in lake elsinore
or a deep water fording kit exhaust and intake snorkel set
fixed alternator mounts
fixed headlight plug
fixed  coolant temp sensor
fixed speed sensor and odometer
electric cooling fan
battery bay brackets
double 40mm ammo cans and mounts
double 50cal ammo mounts
2 replacement clasps to hold to doghouse shut tight
Dynomat sound and vibration dampening
new rubber seals to keep out the dust and noise coming from under the truck by the shift knobs
bed liner
piper precision m2hb 8mm airsoft heavy machine gun, pedestal, and mount