love that seems it should not be

which, like the plant, carves out a little life

at the mercy of everything and yet… it exists

buds that bloom, unbidden, grow and sway

amidst the rays of sun and the blots of cloud.

hushed stalks whisper soft and sweet:

sad and melancholy, warm and welcoming.

as days lengthen and seasons change

the breath of life, the sigh of love, remains steadfast.

the songs of loneliness, the hymns of hope

are undercurrents to the memories of the past.

but force and fury shall not win

though time and fear will doubtless reign.

the splash of color upon the green terrain

sustains the soul and cleanses like the coming rain.

-Miss V

A ray of sun, a sip of water

Orphan of the indifferent sky

Little green weed in this sea of stone

Far from home and all alone.

I pause to marvel at this little wonder,

And pluck her from her meager home.

Such is the love that shouldn’t be,

That braves wind and relentless sun.

Alive in dreams of a boyish fool,

That stubbornly resist the gardener’s tool.

The life of love holds no respite,

Come next rain, she flowers despite.

-Brian Wang

Two poems written from the same draft concept