I sit here in ruths chris steakhouse in las vegas, as everyone around me dines. The smell is delicious. I ordered a beer, and suffer the aroma. I watch as they throw away food uneaten. Today I’ve eaten an apple and a bannana for breakfast, a strip of turkey jerky for lunch, another apple and banana, and a Blue Moon for dinner. I have been well fed lately, and tonight this will be a good growing experience. I enjoy the feeling of hunger; it reminds me how wonderful it is to eat, to eat whenever, wherever, whatever I wish on a normal basis. I breathe in deeply that wonderful sounds and smells of tender pink steak, and feel thankful for all that my parents have given me.

Today, my first time at Ruth’s Chris, I eat nothing. I cringe at the price tag for a steak, with more for sides, soup, salad, wine, dessert. One day I will return with those I love, and I will eat to my hearts content, and it will be that much more satisfying.