Cost: tuition for civilians is $220 per day, $190 for military/le. 5 days of basic sniper 2 days of advanced, 2 days of instructor development. I also had one day of extra instruction $250. I fired just shy of 500 rounds of Black Hills Match .308 175gr BTHP ammunition, which was $550 for 500rnds.

My scope and rifle set up were adequate, but my scope was a sub $300 scope, compared to $1000+ scopes of everyone else. my rifle is a $1000 rifle, and is pretty good, but some people had $3000 rifles, and another $3000 in optics and mounts. I bought a short Harris bipod from the school for $89 because my medium is too tall. My sling worked great. Butler creak caps are not very durable. Eagle Industries stock pack that I got in the 5$ bin at JW guns in riverside worked perfectly, and was an amazing deal. Saved me $50 for a new one.

The Humvee gets 13 miles per gallon, both on biodiesel and standard #2 diesel. My cost in gas was about 4 tanks, or about 100 gallons. A quarter of that was biodiesel, so maybe $100 in biodiesel, and $250 in #2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

I had brought a case of MRE’s to eat for lunch, which I just about finished, it was $75 for the case. Breakfast was assorted fruits procured on site, salted eggs brought from home, chinese canned congee for breakfast. Dinner was typically MRE components, things like crackers and bread, canned soup, beef jerky, fruit, canned peas, cereal, some Moosehead Lager, things like that.

2 trips to Tilted Kilt totaled about $80 for me. Had I gone to the strip club that would have been much more. Walmart for spray paint, hair bands, assorted supplies didn’t cost too much. I had bought Howard Leight ear muffs, but they didn’t work well, so I returned them. Also had bought a Bushnell scout1000 LRF for $300 but it didn’t work, returned that for a Leica Rangemaster 1200 $600, which is excellent, I was easily able to range out to 920 yards. My only complaint about it….unlike older models which had a switch, this one seems to only do yards, rather than yards and meters.

I went to sniper school on the cheap, but even then for 10 days of instruction, total cost was about the tuition and books of a quarter at UCR. If you did less class, and drove a smaller car, used a cheaper rifle, it could be done for perhaps half that cost.