Sun 1/20 Advanced Tactics: Force on Force Gunfighting – Lytle Creek, CA – 9AM



Sunday, January 20th, 2019 — 9:10AM to 3:00PM


Lytle Creek Firing Line, Lytle Creek Rd, Lytle Creek, CA 92358


Experienced shooters, dedicated students of the Craft, welcome to Advanced Tactics, your opportunity for efficient, cost effective continuing education and advanced training.

The Advanced Tactics series offers rotating topics of pertinent, real world gunfighting and self defense firearm training designed for seasoned students, armed professionals, and firearm instructors. It is taught by a professionals from around the country with decades of experience in small arms combat, martial arts, use of force doctrine, and adult learning theory.

Registration for this event is restricted to students who have completed at least one Monarch Defense Dynamic Drills Day or Skill Builder series course, or who have completed at least 2 days of formal live fire weapons training on the type of weapon you will use, basic military training, state armed security guard certification, or police academy. In order to take this class you must first be proficient with the safe handling of your firearm, to include loading, unloading, manipulating safety features, moving with the weapon in hand, and using a sling and holster. We will begin all classes with a hands-on review and test of firearm safety, and those students who cannot be safe will be asked to sit out and observe, with no refunds. If you are in doubt about meeting the prerequisite, please email info@monarchdefense.org.

Advanced Tactics is NOT the venue for learning the basics. We assume that students who register show up rested, hydrated, and ready to train at a high level of detail and focus. This is also not for the shooter who just wants to shoot fast and get a lot of rounds down range; For that there is Dynamic Drills Day. This program is heavily focused on problem solving, partner communication, and team work, and requires 100% mental engagement. Marksmanship and gun handling fundamental skills are expected of you, and are not the primary focus of this training. In this program our aim is to train the mind as the weapon, with the body and all other tools as simply extensions of the mind.

That’s not to say that Advanced Tactics classes are physically easy. Gunfighting is a subset of the modern martial art, and as such we place a high emphasis on physical readiness and the willingness to exert. By signing up, you agree to accept the risk of injury or death, through accidents such as stumbling and falling, or through negligence, both your own or others. Safety in training is our utmost concern, but we all must accept some degree of heightened risk when we begin to inject the “square range” with the stressful and chaotic elements of reality in order to achieve the highest quality training possible.

This month, we will train on the following topics:

Firearm safety on and off the square range

Col. John Boyd’s OODA Loop principle

Human reaction time, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, and confusion under stress

Balancing aggression and decisiveness with clear thought and problem solving

Developing methods of silent eye contact and touch communication

Reacting to deadly threat by seeking cover and returning accurate rapid fire

Fighting in the open, around man made structures, and vehicles

Partner cover and vector movements to counter ambush

High speed execution and precision marksmanship

This series rotates curriculum with each class, and as such every class will dictate specific equipment. Read the packing list and course description very carefully before arriving. This program makes frequent use of UTM or Simunition brand Non Lethal Training Ammunition, in which case the cost of ammunition will be in addition to the cost of tuition. We train in all weather conditions except lighting, so dress and prepare accordingly.

This class is limited to 12 shooters. The first 6 to register receive a $20 discount using the code “EARLY20”. You can take an additional $20 per person discount by signing up with a friend or coworker.

You will need:

1 gallon of water

Handgun with magazines/speed loaders, and 200 rounds

Safe and sturdy holster with belt (If in doubt, call 408-892-5460 to discuss)

Rifle or shotgun that is zeroed and has a sling. At least 3 magazines for rifle, or method of carrying ammunition for shotgun.

If rifle, bring 200 rounds. If shotgun, bring 50 buck and 20 slug.

Cleaning kit, with barrel rod, and lubricant

Tools for mounting and adjusting your optics and accessories

Snacks, sandwich, and more water


Highly recommended: IFAK or personal first aid kit

Double layer of long sleeve clothing, boots, and protective gloves

UTM protective helmets will be provided

UTM AR15 bolts will be provided if you wish to use your own 5.56x45mm weapon

Simunition/ UTM Glock 17 conversion kits and weapons will be provided, bring your own holster

Bring $40 cash for Non Lethal Training Ammunition

Eye and ear protection

Closed-toe shoes

Sunscreen, hat, clothing suitable for hot weather (We shoot rain or shine)

Full night of sleep and pre-hydrate the night before


Can I borrow equipment?

Our general policy is to have loaner equipment available to you at no additional cost, nonetheless, this type of training requires that you are proficient in your tools, such as showing up to class with your optics already zeroed. That may be difficult if you are borrowing gear. We recommend that you contact us well in advance if you need to borrow anything.

Is there an age limit to enter the event?

Generally speaking, this is an adult level program.

Can I shoot reloads?


Can I wear/shoot a backup gun for the drills?


My friend wants to attend, but he/she has never shot before. Can he/she come?

This event is not appropriate for a first time gun-handler. You can invite him or her to observe, and contact us at info@monarchdefense.org to schedule an appropriate first class with one of our instructors in your area.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Please no steel core, armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition. Do not consume alcohol or any mind altering substance before or during the shooting.

How can I contact the organizer with my questions?

Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are not accepted for this event. Credit can be applied toward future classes or events with 7 days advanced notice.