I’m proud to announce the third ever Monarch Defense Special Purpose Rifle School, to be held for 5 days in northern California in October of 2022. This program is designed as the pinnacle of training for the modern warrior scholar, the culmination of months or years of preparations, classes, and self study. Please join me in pioneering the cutting edge of tactical rifle training as we grow together as students and teachers to push the envelope of modern training doctrine.


Typically in our industry, you find two predominant types of rifle training: carbine and long range precision. One is close, and the other is far. One is fast, and the other is slow. One is intense, and the other is ponderous. One is physical, the other is intellectual. One is functional, the other is impractical. Both are generally skill based and focused on the individual’s learning and performance, but not on team decision making and effort. In the Monarch Defense SPR school, our focus is to tie together and blend all the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in combat rifle craft, which includes rifle fundamentals, close quarter battle, field craft, urban and improvised positions, precision, speed, tactics, and teamwork.

The modern Special Purpose Rifle, a category of firearm named after the Mk12 SPR which gave birth to this concept, is a hybrid of offensive and defensive capability. Big enough to engage point targets out to 800 meters easily, and suppress area targets out to 1200m, small enough to fight in confined urban spaces, powerful enough to fill the role of light machine gun with effective and efficient fire on the enemy, while still being lightweight and portable. It is both precise and maneuverable, powerful, yet controllable. Highly accurate, with a high rate of fire. Equally at home in the bedroom as on the battlefield, just like you, you sexy beast.

It is such a capable weapon that in the hands of a skilled and motivated defender, can literally change the course of human history, yet the weapon is useless without a trained human, and even a trained human is equally useless without proper discipline, mindset, teamwork, resilience, physical and mental stamina, and decision making ability.

In summary, Monarch Defense Special Purpose Rifle School is pinnacle level training for folks who have been putting in the consistent work to master themselves and their warrior mindset and skill at arms, and are looking to take the final step to combine everything they have learned with teamwork and tactics and push themselves to their physical and mental limits. To put it in the framework of martial arts, this is your black belt test.

In this course, let us teach good upstanding citizens the rapid application of violence, when needed, to an extreme degree of speed and precision, day or night, on the open field or in tight corridors, solo and in small teams. You will learn to shoot, move, and communicate. You will learn to configure, calibrate, and collect data on your weapon system to maximize effective range and close quarters flexibility. You will engage targets from zero to 1200 yards in the day and at night. One rifle, one training course, that bridges the gap between carbine and precision rifle skillsets.

This training is not for the faint of heart. Students will need to be mentally sharp and physically in shape.

It is expected that you will stay at the facility. This will give us full use of the training day. Even during meal breaks you and your classmates will be immersed in studying the academic and tactical material, absorbing as much knowledge as possible in 3 short days. We can supply you a cot, a dry place to sleep, a shower, toilet, and hand washing station.

Class is open enrollment. Laymen, police, military, private security contractors. Each has something to bring to the table, and something to learn; Cross pollination.

Doors open at 9am on Day zero, Saturday October 15th, 2022. Arrive and check in no later than 3pm.
Class ends at 5pm on Day four, Wednesday October 19th, 2021. Check out and head home no later than 8pm.

Our facility is located in the Diablo mountain range, an hour and a half east of SJC San Jose International Airport, an hour and twenty minutes south of Livermore, or 2 hours from San Francisco or Oakland. From the nearest city, there will be roughly 1 hour of fairly technical and winding mountain roads for you to navigate. The roads are in good repair and paved, accessible by 2wd sedan. Detailed directions will be emailed to you when you sign up.

Overview: (all itinerary is tentative and subject to change)

On Thursday, Day 0, our doors open at 8am. You will arrive no later than 9am on Thursday afternoon and check in with the school staff, who will set you up with a cot and a place to stash your things. You will then have time to sort your equipment, meet the instructors, socialize with other students, practice on the known distance zeroing range, chronograph, and calibrate equipment. After the students settle in, we will eat dinner together, then have a briefing on the game plan for the next several days, to include meals, lodging, expectations, course topics, first aid and safety. We will assign students into partners and teams, pass out course materials and gear, and you will begin working on academic homework. Officially, you have an early bedtime to get some rest, but unofficially, this is out time to socialize, tell tall tales, and get to know each other. Lights out will be at midnight.

Day 1 Reveille at 6am, we will begin our day with Individual Movement Techniques, and the ridge run, a 2 mile run/hike up and down the ridges and valleys at the school grounds so that you can shakedown your gear and get to know the lay of the land, plus wake up to some crisp, clear fresh mountain air. 

Next is breakfast and rifle theory, then we will spend most of the day on 100-400 meter point blank range confidence course. Here, students will learn to use secondary close range optics, and to snap shoot their rifles using low magnification well beyond typical carbine distances. Your primary academic topics will be battle sight zero, field positions, and hold over/hold under.

Lunch will be MRE’s in the field.

Dinner will be spartan, as after dark our training will focus on night time live fire, and an introduction to night vision, and infrared lasers.

Clean weapons, work on theory homework with your team mates.
Lights out at midnight.

Day 2 Reveille is 6am. We begin the day with a hike into position for observation training, and discussion and practice of small unit tactics.

Breakfast will be MRE’s in the field as we step back farther and farther in the Medium Range Confidence course, everything from 400 meters to 900 meters. We will review field expedient target ranging methods, wind estimation techniques, high angle shooting calculations, and moving target leads.

The afternoon will be spent engaging the moving target, and studying urban spaces relative to the context of precision rifle craft. The focus is on thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

We will grill up hot chow for dinner, relax and work on mission planning in preparation for your cumulative exercise.

Clean weapons, lights out at 9pm.

Day 3 Reveille is at 3 am.

We begin the day with camouflage, reviewing the mission plan, and then set off for night patrol and training mission. While your body will be sore, your mind should be confident and unshakable. We will present you with an objective on the previous night and give you all the tools and skill you need to perform it, but it will be your job to work as a team, remember all of your training, and endure through cold and austere conditions to move into position under cover of darkness without being detected.

After daybreak, students will have a chance to rest and eat, then it’s back to the range for unknown distance target engagements, reading wind, shooter/spotter communication, counter sniper techniques, observation, tactics, and urban hides.

The last block of instruction will end at 1pm. Students should shower, change, eat, clean weapons, pack up, turn in borrowed equipment, police brass from all the firing positions, and crack open a cold one. Students should plan to stay for the full cleanup and debrief, and head home no later than 5pm.

Day 4

Content TBD, stand by for updates.

Students should be familiar with firearm safety, the basic operation of their rifle and scope, the principles of trajectory and zeroing, be in good physical shape, and have a high school level understanding or better of English, history, geometry, physics, chemistry, human anatomy, and common sense.

This is not a suitable first class. Students should have formal training on carbine and scope theory prior to attending. If in doubt, call Brian at 408 892 5460 to discuss.

Students should run and exercise 3x per week to build up stamina and physical fitness prior to attending the class.

Students should self study ballistic theory, and be familiar with Minutes of Angle, Miliradians and how to calculate drop, distance, and wind. You must read two books ahead of time before attending, those are Long Shot by Azad Cudi, and Long Range Shooting Handbook by Ryan Cleckner.

Our course Introduction to Precision Rifle will satisfy these prerequisites.

Required Equipment:

Examples of suitable loadouts are:

  • SVD or PSL chambered in 7.62x54R, PSO style scope, plus handgun, plus binoculars to account for the low magnification of soviet style sniper scopes. 4 to 5 magazines would suffice.
  • Springfield m1a in 7.62x51mm NATO or 6.5 Creedmoor with scope mount, and raised cheekpiece, with 4-5 magazines, plus handgun. (We can loan you mags)
  • LR 308/AR10 style with a minimum 12″ barrel if chambered in 6.5 creedmoor or minimum 14.5″ barrel if chambered in 7.62 NATO, with 3-4 magazines minimum. We can provide you with rifles and magazines.
  • AR15 with barrel length of at least 16″ if chambered in 5.56 shooting 77gr projectiles. AR15 with barrel length of at least 18″ if chambered in 5.56 shooting 69 gr projectiles.
    AR15 in 6.5 Grendel or .224 Valkyrie, barrel length your choice, but make sure you have a bunch of magazines and ammo, as we cannot supply those for you.
  • Bolt action sniper rifle of your choice in any caliber greater than 5.56x45mm NATO, preferably with folding stock, and preferably carried on your back in conjunction with a personal defense weapon such as a compact ar15, an mp5, etc.

100+ rounds of standard “ball” ammunition and 300+ rounds of ammunition capable of 2moa or better.

Rifle capable of 2 MOA or better with magnified optic equipped with a mildot or similar reticle suitable for ranging targets and estimating wind and elevation holdovers.

Secondary iron sights or red dot optics suitable for engaging moving targets at close range are highly recommended. (We can procure rifle, ammunition, and equipment for you. Email for details)

Leather work gloves
3 pair BDU bottoms or similar sturdy tactical pants suitable for hiking or outdoor activity, in subdued earth tone: green, sage, brown, tan etc.
3 BDU tops or similar sturdy tactical long sleeve shirt suitable for heavy duty outdoor usage, in subdued earth or pastel tone.
Boonie, or brimmed hat suitable for keeping rain and sun off your head, face, and neck.
Ballistic or bump helmets are optional.
Personal night vision goggles, and laser/illuminators are encouraged, but optional.
Sturdy assault pack, rucksack or backpack suitable for carrying equipment necessary for a whole day’s operation.
Pockets or pouches for carrying tools, ammo, etc.
Rifle cleaning kit
Hiking shoes with gaiters, high top waterproof boots, or leather boots that have been oiled and waterproofed. Break in your boots before hand.
Wool socks 3 pair
Handgun, magazines, holster, handgun ammo optional
Plate carrier and armor optional
hydration bladder, canteen, Nalgene bottle etc. suitable for carrying 2.5 liters of water or more
flashlight, headlamp
night vision/ night optical device optional
pocket knife, Leatherman or similar multitool
50 feet of paracord
laser rangefinder optional
spotting scope optional
tripod optional
rear bag or sand sock
rifle sling
earth tone parka, Gore-Tex coat, military field jacket, etc sturdy outerwear to keep out rain and wind.
lightweight Gore-Tex rain pants
second pair of boots, optional
rite in the rain notebook, pocket size.
Note taking paper/notebook/binder
Data book, pens, pencils, sharpie permanent marker
small roll of duct tape
camp shoes/flip flops, sandals
shower towel
personal hygiene kit and medications
spare prescription glasses
clear safety glasses
sun screen
ear protection
smartphone ballistic calculator app optional
binoculars optional
tools necessary for mounting scope and accessories
IFAK, first aid trauma kit recommended
blankets or sleeping bag, pillow optional
Brass catcher recommended

We can provide you with ammunition to train with. Calibers available: 5.56 NATO and .308 Winchester. More options available by request.


You can pay tuition for this class as you see fit; Generally speaking anything in the range of $400 to $1200 is acceptable.

Consider that includes about $50 per person for take home course materials, and $100 per person for meals and other consumable items.

We have ammo available for you at a flat rate of $300 for all your ammo needs for the class. This is a subsidized price for ammo, as match ammunition can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to buy these days elsewhere.

If you have questions about ammo availability, equipment, or prerequisites, call 408-892-5460.


How can I contact the organizer with my questions? Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or


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April 7th-10th 2022, October 15th-19th 2022