I’m proud to announce the fifth Monarch Defense Special Purpose Rifle School happening spring 2023. This program is the pinnacle of training for the modern warrior scholar, the culmination of years of preparations and study. Please join me in exploring the cutting edge of tactical weapons training as we grow together as students and teachers.

As our program has grown with each cycle, we find ourselves needing more time to cover the necessary topics. My recent experience in Ukraine training civilians to become soldiers, marksmen, and snipers, then accompanying them to battle have greatly proven to me the importance of standardizing certain topics we previously assumed were not important.

Fall and spring cycles focus on different areas of specialization. Fall 2022 SPR school is devoted to mastering the basic warrior skills. This includes teamwork, mindset, movement, tactical theory, basic and advanced rifle craft, leadership, close quarter battle, hand grenades, light machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-materiel rifles, night vision devices, infrared lasers, thermal optics, and combat medicine.

Spring 2023 Special Purpose Rifle School builds upon this foundation of experience, allowing us to fully explore the depths of stealth, camouflage, long range precision rifle craft, land navigation, small unit tactics, mission planning, reconnaissance, drone combat, night operations, and unconventional warfare.

This training is not for the faint of heart. Students will need to be mentally sharp and physically able. Through training in the art and science of combat, students develop depth of character, resilience, teamwork, leadership, and confidence.


You will stay at the facility. This is a fully immersive experience. Even during meal breaks you and your classmates will be discussing the academic and tactical material, absorbing as much knowledge as possible, and planning your next mission. We can supply you a cot, a dry place to sleep, shower, toilet, outdoor kitchen and hand washing station, and all food and drink.

In participating with this program, you agree to in attend, assist, and act as OpFor (opposing force) for future SPR classes. Those who complete the all 4 days of training will be invited to our Sprouts only group chat, and to participate in unique and exclusive research and development projects at the school.

You will clean anything you borrow before you turn it back in.

We can supply you with all weapons, ammunition, and specialized equipment.

9am Thursday March 30th, 2023 to 5pm Sunday April 2nd, 2023.

If you are only joining for day 3 and 4, meet at 9am Saturday morning at the facility.


The only tactical and long range training facility in the Bay Area, located in the hills 1 hour to the east of San Jose, CA. Detailed driving directions will be emailed to those who register.


Safe firearms handling experience
Basic rifle marksmanship
Study and memorize US Army Ranger Handbook chapters 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 16.
Read Long Shot by Azad Cudi and Long Range Shooting Handbook by Ryan Cleckner.
Watch youtube videos to study how to tie a bowline, taught line hitch, Canadian jam knot, truckers hitch, sheet bend, prusick knot, clove hitch, and arbor knot.
Be in good physical health.

Required Equipment:

The school can provide rifles, ammunition, and equipment. Contact Brian at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org to discuss.

Rifle, something durable, reliable, and accurate.
Magazines, minimum 4
Typical students bring m16/mk12 SPR series weapons, ar10 or LR308 series weapons, m14 series weapons, soviet and post soviet SVD style semi automatic rifles, or bolt action precision rifles. Ask if you have questions. Engagement ranges are from 2 meters to 1200 meters.

400 rounds of 5.56mm m193/m196 m27 link 4:1 ball tracer
200 rounds 5.56mm NATO blank m27 link (spring cycle only)
200 rounds FMJ ammunition in your caliber
400 rounds match ammunition in your caliber
40 rounds of 50 BMG m33 FMJ (fall cycle only)
8 12gauge 2″ full load grenade blank
We can provide all ammunition for students for $400, this is a subsidized rate, or you can bring your own.

Blank firing attachment (bolt action rifles don’t need this).
Day optic in milliradians with external turret adjustment.
Night optic, either head mounted night vision with infrared laser and illuminator, or thermal weapon sight, or thermal clip on in conjunction with day optic, or night vision clip on in conjunction with day optic.
Handgun, with lanyard, holster, 100 rounds, and 2 spare magazines
Leather work gloves
3 sets top and bottom of sturdy camouflage uniform or earth tone tactical clothing
Boonie hat
Ballistic helmet, bump helmet, or Crye Precision Night Cap
Sturdy rucksack or large backpack. IE. Medium alice with 2 sustainment pouches and sleep system carrier, large alice with sleep system carrier, medium molle with sleep system carrier and sustainment pouches, or similar rucksacks from Eberlestock, Tactical tailor, etc.
Armor and pouches for carrying tools, ammo, water etc
Rifle cleaning kit
Boots or hiking shoes, 2 pair
Wool socks, 3 pair
First aid kit

Hydration bladder, canteen, or water bottle able to carry 3 liters of water
Flashlight and headlamp
Pocket knife and multitool
50 feet of paracord and firelighter
laser rangefinder
Spotting scope, with tripod per team of 3-4
rear bag or sand sock
Sturdy jacket
Rain poncho, and or goretex jacket and pants
Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook
Pens, pencils, sharpie permanent marker
Small roll of duct tape
Firelighter or waterproof matches
Camp shoes/flip flops, sandals
Shower towel
Personal hygiene kit and medications
Spare prescription glasses, if you wear glasses
Sun screen
Ear protection
Binoculars, optional
Tools necessary for mounting scope and accessories
Sleeping bag
IFAK individual first aid kit


Tuition, food, training materials, weapon, and loaner equipment: $800
Ammunition: $400

Fieldcraft day 3 and 4 only: $275 for tuition and optional $50 for ammunition


How can I contact the organizer with my questions? Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

Additional information


March 30th to April 2nd, April 1st and 2nd only


I will supply my own ammunition, The school will supply me ammunition