This is a hybrid class, a combination of a Precision Rifle Study Group day with elements of Fighting Rifle 2 & 3, plus adding more physical elements (e.g. hiking). This day will be an opportunity for prospective students to determine if they are up to the challenge of SPR School. Students will have the chance to assess their own level of physical fitness, shooting ability, and test out/shake-down their gear ahead of time. SPR School graduates will assess how suitable prospective students are for SPR School and make gear recommendations.


Firearm Safety and Self Defense
Introduction to Fighting Rifle (FR1) (Study Group, Class, or Accelerated Class)
Introduction to Precision Rifle (PR1) (Study Group or Class)


  1. Assess
    • Assess readiness for SPR School, physically or mentally, requisite weapon-handling skills, and precision rifle fundamentals
    • This will be both self-assessment on the part of the students, and assessment by SPR School graduates
  2. Gear Shake-Down 
    • Students will have an opportunity to test out the equipment/gear they intend to use for SPR School

Lesson Plan:

Students should plan to arriving around 0800 and be ready to move right at 0900. We will not be waiting for late-comers.

  • 0800-0900: Setup equipment and put on kit
  • 0900-1100: Hike
  • 1100-1200: Carbine Course
  • 1200-1330: Rest, Lunch, Academic Discussion
  • 1330-1700: Rifle Zeroing and Chronographing
  • 1700-2000: Golden Hour Activity
  • 2000: End

Required Equipment:

Water (one gallon per day per person minimum)
Snacks and Lunch
Pen and Paper
Sturdy Shoes
Sturdy Outdoor Clothing

Recommended Equipment:

Bring any and as much or as little gear as you would like to bring. It is highly recommended that you test your gear prior to attending SPR School.

Additional information


Saturday, September 10th, Sunday, September 25th