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Those who have much to lose and much to protect, those who are peaceful by nature but recognize the certainty of human conflict, come and learn. You are welcome here. Fueled by love and tempered with discipline, honed by repetition and attention to detail, you are the sheepdog, the warrior scholar.

If you have just bought your first rifle, are interested in owning a rifle, or are interested in starting your journey in formal tactical firearm training, Introduction to Fighting Rifle is your opportunity to get started in a beginner friendly environment.

In this class we strive for an even balance of 50% education, discussion, and thought, with 50% hands on training and live fire.

Everything you need to get started we have prepared for you here in one place: Ammo, rifle, private range, safety equipment, knowledge, and training. Read on for details, and don’t hesitate to call and ask if you have questions. 

Instructor’s note:

As an intro series classes, technically there is no prerequisite. Nonetheless, we will be spending our time on the technical and tactical details of employing the rifle in a defensive and offensive manner, and not on the philosophies and assumptions of armed self defense, firearm safety, use of force, etc. I expect you to have already mastered the material found in our Firearm Safety and Self Defense Class. Let me say this another way: there is no prerequisite, but there is a prerequisite.

If you are serious about getting into high speed firearms training, then it would be a good idea to invest in “beginner” classes and make sure you have a solid foundation in basic firearm knowledge, a thorough understanding of firearm safety, the laws and assumptions regarding self defense, and range etiquette. Between this class and our Firearm Safety and Self Defense curriculum, there will be a 15% overlap or so with regards to loading, unloading, and firearm safety- a healthy amount of review that anyone should be able to appreciate. If you haven’t already, please take a look at the very affordable and knowledge packed Firearm Safety and Self Defense class, and consider signing up.

From a philosophical standpoint, as a teacher, I do not teach “beginner” classes. Rather, we offer some classes such as this one, which are heavily focused on knowledge, and many other programs which are primarily focused on skills, and tactics. The number one feedback we get from these “high speed” classes is, “there’s too much talking and not enough shooting”. Well, that’s because folks are jumping into so called “intermediate” level classes, that is, classes focused on training in skills, when they have yet to even grasp the basic knowledge in order to safely and successfully comprehend the training. Hence, for folks who want to be safe and to succeed in this activity, start off with a solid foundation in the basic knowledge. That’s what this program is designed to do.

For our beginners, all of our classes are non-sequential, so it doesn’t really matter which you take first, but we frequently get the question, “what comes after this?” After this class, I definitely recommend continuing into Fighting Rifle Skill builder, and then Dynamic Drills Day, and finally into Applied Tactics. Taking this class before you take any of those will significantly ease your learning curve, and make training safer for you and everyone else around you.

As a token of my appreciation for your time to actually read this note, please use the coupon code “SKILLBUILDER2020” for 20% off any Skill Builder class. -Brian Wang


One and a half hours east of downtown San Jose. We will email you detailed driving instructions before class. Easy 2 wheel drive access by paved county highway.

We will discuss and train on these topics:

What is a rifle, what is the modern fighting rifle, and why do we use it?

Historical context of civilian rifle training, and defining the second amendment

Universal principles of gun safety

Introduction to the most common current rifle platforms, their nomenclature, capabilities, limitations, and operation

Brief overview of California and federal laws regarding ownership of rifles

How to load, unload, clear malfunctions

Zeroing, or how to calibrate the precise aiming mechanisms on a rifle. This includes traditional iron sights, red dot or holographic or reflex sights, magnified optics, and lasers.

Proper body posture for prone, kneeling and standing positions

The human body with regard to rifle bullets, aka “Terminal Ballistics and Tactical Anatomy”

Proper selection of ammunition, and the science of bullets, aka “Internal and External Ballistics”

Fundamentals of breathing, aiming, and trigger control

Muzzle up and down ready positions for safely moving with the weapon in hand

Equipment and accessory selection: Slings, stocks, optics, muzzle devices, magazines, lights, lasers, etc.

Dry practice techniques, square range practice techniques, and quantifying the standards for marksmanship, aka “how to practice”.

Just a taste of high intensity tactical shooting and moving drills (more of this can be found in Skill Builder and Dynamic Drills Day)

The path to continuing education

You will need:

1 gallon of water

Pen and paper for taking notes

Pack a lunch, or bring $15 for an MRE (meals ready to eat)

Closed-toe shoes

Clothing suitable for a outdoor activity. Dress as if you were going for an afternoon hike. We train rain or shine.

Eye protection: Sun glasses, safety glasses, or prescription glasses OK.

Ear protection: Electronic earmuffs optional. Complementary foam earplugs available.

Rifle of any kind. You can use ours at no charge, or you can  bring your own. We have a selection of AR15’s, Mini14s, Springfield M1A, Kel Tec Su16, Ak47, etc. Email for details. Do not stress over equipment. Contact us and we will help you prep your gear.

3 magazines.

In light of new CA ammo purchase laws which can make it hard for someone who hasn’t yet purchased a gun to purchase ammo, we will happily share our ammunition with you. If you would like us to bring ammo for you, call 408-892-5460 or email Brian at and bring cash/Venmo, etc. You can also provide your own ammunition, bring 100-200 rounds of suitable practice ammo for your caliber.

Sturdy clothes that you can get dirty in, and pockets or pouches for your ammunition

Recommended, but not required: 

A hat

Leather gloves for moving equipment and targets

Hand cleaning wipes

Gun cleaning kit and lubricant


Inclement weather clothing, we shoot rain or shine

Flashlight for cleaning up, since the sun goes down so early in the winter

Slings are optional.

If you haven’t yet set up your rifle, you do not need any sort of fancy sights, just basic iron sights are perfect for this training. Save your money for more important things at this stage.


Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Parental discretion and supervision required. Teenagers and up welcome. This is not a class well suited to younger children.

Q: Can I wear body armor?

A: Yes.

Q: What calibers do you allow?

A: Any caliber rifle is fine for this class, although most folks will train with intermediate cartridges such as .223 Remington or 7.62×39.

Q: Can I shoot steel cased ammo?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I shoot reloaded ammo?

A: Yes

Q: My friend wants to attend, but he/she has never shot before. Can he/she come?

A: Yes, this is a good opportunity to for a first time shooter to learn the ropes.

Q: What can/can’t I bring to the event?

A: Do not consume any alcohol or mind altering substances before or during the shooting. Once we have finished and packed up you are welcome to crack open a cold one if you wish.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes, dogs are allowed on the facility, and there is shade and water where they can hang out.

Q: Can I gather my brass for reloading?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I shoot steel core ammo such as 5.56x45mm NATO m855?

A: Yes, for this class only. Normally we train on steel targets which are not compatible with the steel penetrator found in SS109/m855 “green tip” bullets.

Q: Are spectators welcome?
A: Yes.

Q: How can I contact the organizer with my questions?
A: Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Updated reschedule policy for 2020! Refunds are not accepted. 100% credit can be applied toward any future class, to be used within 1 calendar year, with a minimum of 12 hours notice before class starts, in writing, to

Notes on equipment and California compliance:

Bring what you have, you’ll be fine. If it doesn’t work, I’ll loan you a set. If you don’t have gear, talk to me ahead of time and I’ll bring you a spare gun and gear. No extra charge. Standard capacity mags are welcome. You are responsible for understanding the law regarding transport, carry and ownership of firearms, but so long as you are safe on the range, what equipment you bring is inconsequential. More questions? Call Brian at 408-892-5460, or email to

Be safe, and see you all soon on the range!

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Saturday January 2nd 2021, Sunday February 7th 2021, Saturday March 13th 2021, Sunday April 18th 2021, Saturday May 29th 2021, Sunday June 27th 2021