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This is an interim offering of a class which is a combination of both Firearm Safety and Self Defense, and a live fire orientation on common firearms: Pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun.

If you are holding onto credit from a postponed beginner class, and you want to reschedule for an open enrollment class with live fire, this is the appropriate class for you. If you are brand new to firearms, and you are interested in learning the right way, the safe way, from the beginning, this is the appropriate class for you.

The role of the personal firearm in modern society
Defining the legal and moral framework of self-defense
What is conflict, what is crime, and how do you prevent or avoid it?
Introduction to the modern pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun
Universal principles of gun safety
Safe procedures for loading, unloading, and storage
Choosing an appropriate gun for your needs
The process of purchasing or building your first firearm explained
How to hold, aim, shoot a pistol, rifle, and shotgun
Shooting range etiquette and live fire orientation


Due to Covid 19 restrictions at our normal facilities, we have moved many of our programs to a private ranch located in the Diablo mountain range near Mt Hamilton and San Antonio Valley. It is one and a half hours east of downtown San Jose, or one hour and twenty minutes south from Livermore. We will email detailed driving instructions as the class date nears to those who register. It is 2wd accessible by paved county road.


Held in an open air classroom and private outdoor shooting range, we limit class sizes to around 16 students, which allows for excellent hands on attention and supervision.

In general, ask detailed questions, learn, explore, and play with all the show and tell things we’re preparing for you. You don’t need any special equipment or clothing.

We will train all day, taking breaks to rest and eat as necessary. We have lots of material to cover, and everyone learns at a different pace. Plan for a long,  full and tiring day. We finish when you finish. The class goes at the student’s pace. Typical classes run about 10 hours from start to finish.

All firearms, equipment, ammunition, and hearing protection is provided.

Starting 9/27/2020, classes will begin at 9am.


Required Equipment
Note taking material, pen and paper
Water, snacks and bag lunch
Dress comfortably for outdoor activity, especially a hat and sunscreen and sturdy shoes.

Bring a pair of glasses. Any kind is fine as long as they cover your eyes.

We will provide the necessary firearms for you to train with, but if you own your own pistol, revolver, rifle, or shotgun, and you wish to learn more about it, you are welcome to bring it. Please bring your own ammo if you want to shoot your own gun at the end of class.


How do I sign up? If you are rescheduling from a previously cancelled class, email and detail who you are and what you had previously signed up for, including the date, and we’ll be happy to apply your credit.

If you have 2 people, choose ticket quantity 2. This sounds obvious, but clearly some folks aren’t that bright.

What happens if I “Backorder” a class? If we have last minute cancellations, we will call you or email you to invite you to join the class. If you do not have enough cancellations or openings, to fit you in, then your credit will be used for the next available date.

We will attempt to offer this class once a week, or as often as feasible, for the foreseeable future.

Will there be any changes in price? Many of you are rescheduling various classes that you had paid various amounts for. The price for this class is $125 per person. We will be happy to apply any previous credits you may have accrued from cancelled or rescheduled dates.

More questions? Call Brian at 408-892-5460 or email

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Sunday 9/13/2020, Sunday 9/20/2020, Sunday 9/27/2020, Sunday 10/11/2020