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Skill Builder is the forge where Warrior Scholars are created. Your goal is to be a proficient, confident gun handler, a thinker and a fighter. You are the defender of that which is good, just, and pure. Your desire for love and peace leads you to see the necessity of violence should the time come. This program is for you if you are willing to put in the time and dedication, attention to detail, and consistent repetition to develop mastery.

The Skill Builder series is not a class, it is a training philosophy and teaching format which is designed to provide shooters of a wide range of skill levels with an affordable opportunity for regularly scheduled, local, and ongoing education. Skill Builder is built for self-starters who are eager to learn, who have already begun the process of accumulating the skills and equipment necessary to protect self, family, and community, and are looking to add the missing piece of hands-on training.

This program offers no-bullshit, safety conscious, time efficient live fire training to supplement your personal journey in the modern martial art. Every month we focus on both reviewing the essentials, and adding to your repertoire by training on something new. Those who come every month to train find not only new knowledge and skills, but also camaraderie with good upstanding citizens, and a community of friends devoted to a common path.

All Skill Builder classes follow the same basic formula: Check in and set up, safety brief, group stretch, dry practice, static live fire, dynamic live fire, class photo, debrief, and clean up. We always review safety in the morning, and break down the day into bite sized blocks of focused instruction. We shoot live fire drills in a logical progression, starting from the most basic and building in complexity, speed and technical challenge.

As a student of the Skill Builder series, you will push yourself to mental exhaustion, run your equipment to the point of failure, develop confidence in your gun-handling abilities and metal toughness, grow in discipline and moral character, and become faster, stronger, more alert, and more accurate than you previously thought possible.

This class focuses on perfect repetition of perfect carbine technique.

Training topics include:

Universal principles of gun safety

Efficient weapon loading, unloading, clearing of malfunctions

High and low ready positions

Holdovers, holdunders, shot placement and human anatomy

Aggressive, stable, and mobile fighting stance

Conventional and unconventional field positions

Aiming techniques for speed and for precision

Techniques to counter a disarm attempt

Ultra close range engagements with the rifle

Moving aggressively and safely while advancing and retreating

Use of cover and concealment

Close quarter battle footwork, posture, and technique


If you can confidently and correctly answer the following questions, you have enough base knowledge to succeed in Fighting Rifle Skill Builder. If you cannot, you should be in Introduction to Fighting Rifle.

Beyond what distance does your projectile, out of your barrel, with your chosen charge of powder, at your temperature and altitude, cease to deliver fragmentation velocity?

At maximum ordinate height, how far above or below your line of sight is your trajectory? At what distance is your maximum ordinate height?

At 25 yards, you shoot a 1.5″ group of 10 rounds. How many minutes of angle are you able to produce with your current skill level, your ammunition, and your rifle?

What is your maximum point blank range? At your max PBR, what is your positive and negative margin of error?

At 25 yards, you shoot a group which is 3.5 inches left and 7 inches low. You wish to zero the rifle 1.3 inches below the center of the bullseye at 25 yards to approximate a 50 yard BZO. How many minute of angle do you need to adjust? How many clicks do you need to adjust?

In short, I expect you to have a base level of knowledge and competency on your specialized equipment, not just “Yeah I’ve been shooting for 10 years now”.

You will need:


Rifle, clean & lubricated

Optional: Handgun with holster, appendix is okay

200+ rounds of ammunition – we can provide you ammunition

3 or more magazines for the rifle, if applicable

Pockets or pouches for your ammunition

Cleaning kit and lubricant with barrel cleaning rod

Tools for mounting and adjusting your optics and accessories

More water

Eye and ear protection

Closed-toe shoes

Sunscreen, bug spray, hat, weather appropriate clothing; We shoot rain or shine

Optional: Leather gloves, folding table, chair, and shade canopy, snack

Dress for the weather, we shoot rain or shine.


1.5 hours east of downtown San Jose. We will email detailed driving directions to those who register.

Base price for this class is $185 per person. Classes are discounted for early signups, and the price increases as the class fill up and the date nears.

What is the refund policy?

We do not issue refunds under most circumstances. Instead, new for 2020, we offer an open reschedule policy. Notify us by email to info@monarchdefense.org within 1 hour before class starts, and we will happily apply your full tuition credit towards a future event or class. You must use your tuition credit within 1 calendar year.

Notes on equipment:

Bring what you have, don’t stress about “having XYZ piece of kit”. You’ll be fine. Bring what you have. If it doesn’t work, I’ll loan you a set. If you don’t have gear, talk to me ahead of time and I’ll bring you a spare gun and gear. No extra charge. If you need ammunition, we can supply ammunition for your class. Call or email for details. You are responsible for understanding the law regarding transport, carry and ownership of firearms, but so long as you are safe on my range, use what you wish.

Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

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