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Fighting Rifle Skill Builder this is an athletic and in-depth day of training to help you develop mastery in combat rifle craft.


Introduction to Fighting Rifle (FR1)


As with most all of our classes, this class is funded by donation. For tuition, a suitable donation amount is anything between $50 and $250 per person. For the 2021-2022 school year, I have updated the website to accept credit card payments directly and up front to decrease confusion, no-shows, and administrative workload.

Ammo for this class is separate from tuition, and if you need us to supply ammo, you will pay market rate for a nominal 200 rounds projected for this curriculum. If you have questions, you can contact Brian at, or call 408-892-5460.


Valley of Orion, in the vicinity of Mount Hamilton and San Antonio Valley. 1 hours east of San Jose, 1 hour south from Livermore. Detailed directions will be emailed to those who sign up.


This class is designed to take 10 hours, having said that, we can only progress at the class’ pace, so some classes will go longer, and some classes will end sooner. I expect if you sign up, that you commit your day to our training, and that you stay to the end to help clean up and debrief. Also, if you need to borrow equipment, you should plan to arrive 30 minutes early, so that we can get you outfitted with your gear.


Confirm Battle Sight Zero at 200m
Engage steel targets out to maximum Point Blank Range and beyond
Master marksmanship fundamentals: sight picture, breathing, trigger etc.
efficient loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions
Master field positions: standing, kneeling, prone etc.
Master dynamic movements using high and low ready positions
Shooting and moving
Rapid fire recoil control
Decision making under stress

Required Equipment:

Rifle, clean & lubricated, with 3 magazines
200 rounds of ammunition
Cleaning kit and lubricant
Tools for mounting your optics and accessories
Eye and ear protection
Sturdy shoes
Outdoor clothing (we train rain or shine)

We can supply all weapons and ammunition, just make a note in the comments section when you register, or call for questions.

Recommended Equipment: 

Lunch and snacks
Plate carrier and level 3 or better armor
Leather work gloves
Knee pads
Handgun with holster optional
Individual first aid kit (IFAK)


Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or

Additional information


Sunday November 14th, 2021 at 9am


I need equipment (specify in order notes), I have all my own equipment


I need ammo (specify in order notes), I will supply my own ammo