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For 2023 Concealed Carry School is the evolution of what was formerly DH1, and DH2. This class will introduce you to the foundational concepts of owning, carrying, and shooting a pistol or revolver in self defense. If you have just bought your first handgun, are interested in owning one, or are interested in stepping off on your journey in tactical firearm training, this is an exciting opportunity to get started in a thorough, detailed, and beginner friendly manner. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a certificate of completion which can be used for applying for California CCW.

This two day class is offered four times per year.

We will offer this class in the very popular accelerated 1 day format as the schedule permits.


Strengths and weaknesses of handguns, what they do, why we use them
Brief overview of pertinent laws
Drawing safely from the holster
Loading and unloading procedures
Flinch, anticipation, and dry practice techniques
Handgun wound ballistics and human anatomy
The science of ammunition and hollowpoint bullets
Fundamentals of breathing, aiming, and trigger press
Basic two handed shooting technique
Choosing equipment and accessories
Rapid fire and recoil control
Moving and shooting
Shooting from behind cover
One handed shooting
Close quarter shooting techniques
Malfunction clearing procedures
Low light flashlight and pistol techniques
Problem solving, aggressive movement, and rapid marksmanship under stress




You can choose how much you pay for this class. If you’re uncertain how much is appropriate, $200-$400 is good.

For the one day accelerated format, the price is the same. You get the same material packed into one long day, with a much much smaller class, usually 3-6 students, which is suitable for folks who need a fast paced refresher, those on a tight schedule and who can’t afford a whole weekend to play, and those who prefer the small group focus and quality.

If you need guns, holsters, or ammo, you can contact Brian at, or call 408-892-5460.

We supply weapons and equipment free of charge. We have a some selection of handguns you can choose from, to include Glock 17, 1911, Shield, GP100, LCR, etc.


This class is designed to take 16-20 hours, having said that, we can only progress at the students’ pace, so some classes will go longer, and some classes will end sooner. I expect if you sign up, that you commit your weekend to training, and that you come on time and stay to the end to help clean up and debrief.

If you need to borrow equipment, you should plan to arrive 30 minutes early, so that we can get you outfitted with your gear.

As scheduled, Day 1 starts at 12 noon, and day 2 ends at 5pm. This is subject to modification depending on sunset time and the weather, as some training must be done after dark, some must be done during daylight.

One day accelerated classes start at 9am and end at 7-9pm depending on how fast the students learn.


Our facility is 1 hours east of San Jose, 1 hour south from Livermore. Detailed directions will be emailed to those who sign up.

Required Equipment:

Pen and paper
Sturdy belt attached to your pants
Pistol or revolver
Holster which is molded for your gun and attached to your clothing
300+ rounds of ammo
3+ magazines
Snacks and lunch
Sturdy shoes
Sturdy outdoor clothing (We train rain or shine)
Eye protection
Ear protection
Sleeping bag
Refillable water bottle

We can supply you with a handgun and holster, just add a note to the comment field if you are right or left handed. You can bring your own ammo or use ours, please specify in the order notes during checkout if you need us to supply ammo, and what caliber. You can reimburse the school for market rate of whatever ammo you use.

Recommended equipment: 

Brimmed hat
Gun cleaning kit and lubricant
Extra jackets and warm clothing
Folding chair
Towel for showering at the facility
Toothbrush and toiletries
Spare socks
Change of clothes
Salty snacks
Gatorade or electrolyte supplements


Regarding camping over, we provide students with cots and sleeping pads, and heated and dry canvas wall tents. You are welcome to use the refrigerator, warm showers, bathroom and camp kitchen. We typically provide a hot dinner on Saturday and hot breakfast with tea and coffee on Sunday. If you’d like to partake in hot food, we ask you pitch in $20 per person for groceries. We assume you’ll partake in hot food, but if for whatever reason you do not plan on joining us for meals, please make a note during checkout or by email.


Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or

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Sunday January 8th, 2023 Accelerated, Saturday April 29th to Sunday April 30th, 2023, Saturday July 22nd to Sunday July 23rd, 2023, Saturday November 4th to Sunday November 5th, 2023