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Saturday, December 7, 2019 — 8:10AM to 4:00PM PST


Field Sports Park Multipurpose Range
9580 Malech Rd, San Jose, CA 95138


Students, friends, and fellow second amendment supporters: Welcome to the proving ground for the Warrior Scholar.

This fast paced training event is only open to shooters with prior safe gun handling experience. It is NOT the venue for learning the basics or trying your equipment for the first time. While many of us own guns, few get to train often. Rarely do we have the chance to draw from the holster, shoot on the move, engage multiple threats, or conduct teamwork and problems solving drills alongside like minded friends. Dynamic Drills Day is an event specifically designed to offer what the “Square Range” doesn’t: Guided, safe, and challenging shooting exercises that will stretch you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Join fellow students of gunfighting, the modern martial art, as we train hard and shoot fast. Test your limits of precision and speed under mild to severe stress. Push yourself to be faster, stronger, smarter and be better prepared to protect your loved ones in time of violent emergency.

Dynamic Drills Day is unique in that we prepare targets and structure drills to accommodate shooters with handguns, shotguns, and rifles. You’re welcome to train with just one, or both a primary and secondary weapon. You will need to be competent with your firearm, and well versed in firearm safety, or we reserve the right to ask you to sit out and observe. If you’ve never used a holster before, we’ll go over how to do so safely in the morning. I would recommend bringing 300+ rounds of ammunition. All calibers are welcome, but please no steel core ammunition or “Green Tip” M855. Frangible rifle ammunition is optional if you wish to train on steel targets with your rifle within 100 yards. For shotguns, bring buckshot, bird shot, and slug with lead shot only. Eye and ear protection, as well as closed-toe shoes are mandatory. Please dress for the weather, and bring water. We shoot rain or shine.

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Course Topics:

Firearm safety
Purpose and scope of dynamic training
Holster technique and safety
Safety manipulations for handguns and long guns
Muzzle up and muzzle down ready positions to move safely around others
Teachable moments on stance, grip, malfunctions, marksmanship, speed and tactical reloads, recoil management, dry fire training tips, marksmanship and manipulation, using cover, awkward and improvised positions, operating under stress, tactical anatomy, equipment selection and setup, and more!

You will need:

1+ gallon of water
Your choice of pistol, revolver, rifle, or shotgun
NFA items are welcome
You may use multiple weapons at the same time, as long as you can manage them safely.
Slings can make carrying long guns more convenient on the range, but are not required for training.
300+ rounds of practice ammo, combined, depending on what you want to shoot.
A stiff belt attached to your pants, with a safe and sturdy holster. Inside the waistband holsters, appendix carry, concealment garments are all welcome.
A few spare magazines or speed loaders, a way to carry ammunition. It’s up to you how kitted up you want to be. Some folks choose to run 2 mags in their jeans back pocket, other people will bring helmets and plate carriers.
Gun cleaning kit with oil, barrel cleaning rod, and tools for mounting and adjusting your optics and accessories
Eye and ear protection
Closed-toe shoes
Sunscreen, bug spray, hat, weather appropriate clothing; We shoot rain or shine
Recommended: Leather gloves, folding table, chair, and shade canopy, snacks, ice chest with cold drinks

Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org

Course fees are not refundable. Full credit can be applied toward future classes or events with 7 days or more advanced notice. 50% credit can be applied towards a future class with 1 day or more advanced notice.

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