Precision Rifle

Those students who have an interest in precision rifle, sniper field craft, and the art, science, and philosophy of modern conflict will find a home and belonging in the Monarch Defense precision rifle programs. Begin your learning journey with Tactical Precision Rifle day 1, day 2, then Precision Rifle Mastery.

Also highly recommended are Firearm Safety, and fighting rifle series courses, to gain a solid foundation in conflict sociology, weapons handling, use of force doctrine, and general rifle experience.

All rifles by nature are precision instruments, and you need to develop a solid foundation first in weapon handling and rifle marksmanship, before you move on to using more capable rifles with more expensive ammunition.

Once you have established your foundation, then you can progress to Introduction to Precision Rifle (PR1), held every two months, in which we will explore the increased capabilities of modern magnified optics, and learn how to do calculations for ballistic trajectory with varying environmental conditions. In this program you will also gain exposure to chronographs, range finders, ballistic calculators, and other specialized equipment used in sniper craft or precision rifle work, and the greatly increased performance of hollow point boat tail match ammunition.

The rainy season in Northern California is our traditional precision rifle season, and that runs from December through May of each year. Once per month please join us for our mixed skill level training sessions called Precision Rifle Study Group (PRSG). This is an affordable and casual affair where you can meet and build lasting friendships with other students of similar interest, so that you can have training partners to accompany you on your learning journey and share in the fun and adventure. Each study group will involve a review of necessary fundamentals such as body mechanics zeroing, and square range practice, and will also have a variety topic such as moving targets, tripod work, improvised field positions, wind calculations, hasty ranging calculations, shooting into and out of vehicles, etc.

As a normal part of our precision rifle program, we offer students the knowledge and experience of creating their own ammunition. This not only allows for an increase in accuracy of the ammunition, but also decreased cost and increased stability of supply. If you are interested in learning to make your own ammo, don’t hesitate to ask. We have components and loading equipment on hand at the facility for students to use at their leisure. Perhaps by next year we can formalize this into it’s own regularly scheduled class.

The pinnacle of precision rifle training at Monarch Defense is Special Purpose Rifle School (SPRS). This multiday advanced course combines all the student’s cumulative training on handgun, carbine, precision rifle, close quarter battle, low light/white light, night vision, and teamwork. To this foundation SPR school adds team and character building experiences, theory and philosophy of employing snipers in small teams in urban and rural environments, hasty and field expedient methods for wind and range calculations using only mental math, and challenging topics of camouflage, urban hides, night time maneuver and fieldcraft.