Fighting Rifle Skill Builder

Here the warrior scholar is forged. Pounded to perfection through discipline and dedicated study, repetition and attention to detail.

Welcome to Skill Builder. This small group workshop is not a basic level firearms course. This is not the time for hand-holding and sweet talking, nor is it for introducing you to your gear. It is an affordable, safe, and time-efficient opportunity for the developing shooter to practice and perfect his technique; To stretch his limits of speed and accuracy under time and peer pressure, guided by as-necessary instruction from professional trainers. The aggressively paced class offers minimal talking, and maximum trigger time.

This class focuses on perfect repetition of perfect carbine technique.

Those who have seen the light understand that there is no such thing as an “advanced” technique, or an “advanced” gunfight. Simply put, the mastery of core principles, or the lack thereof, is the only thing which differentiates the professional from the amateur, the victor from the victim.

In this workshop, you will push yourself to mental exhaustion, run your equipment to the point of failure, develop confidence in your gun-handling abilities and metal toughness, grow in discipline and moral character, and become faster, stronger, more alert, and more accurate than you previously thought possible.

During Fighting Rifle Skill Builder, we will isolate and perfect these skills:

Universal principles of gun safety

Slow, meticulous, efficient weapon manipulation

Non-diagnostic clearance of simple malfunctions

Smooth, efficient, fast presentation from ready positions

Slow, consistent, safe use of the rifle sling

Battle sight zero (BZO) of the modern fighting rifle

Aggressive, stable, and mobile fighting stance

Alternate visual index speed shooting

Instinctive point shooting

Moving safely and aggressively with the weapon in hand

Moving target and multiple threat engagement

Sidearm transition and emergency one hand engagements

You will need:


Rifle, clean & lubricated

Optional: Handgun with holster, appendix is okay

200+ rounds of primary ammunition – No m855 green tip or penetrator core ammo

3 or more magazines for the rifle, if applicable

Pockets or pouches for your ammunition

Cleaning kit and lubricant

Barrel cleaning rod

Tools for mounting and adjusting your optics and accessories

More water

Eye and ear protection

Closed-toe shoes


Dress for the weather, we shoot rain or shine.

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