Concealed Carry Training

Thank you for your interest in learning about using handguns for self defense. We’ve recently updated our comprehensive concealed carry program for 2023 as follows:

Most folks should take The Concealed Carry School, a 20 hour, 2 day program offered quarterly. There is no prerequisite.

We also offer an accelerated 12 hour, 1 day version of the same class called Concealed Carry (Accelerated) intended for students who have completed Introduction to Home Defense. Even if you meet the prerequisite, I would recommend you take the 2 day version.

Too much material packed together in too short of a time has a distinct drawback, in that students aren’t able to fully process and internalize all the details. Hence, we offer Concealed Carry Mastery, which is a high intensity training day intended for intermediate and advanced level students who have completed basic handgun training to continue their education, and develop confidence and mastery through regular practice.

In the Concealed Carry School, you will learn the foundational mindset of using a gun in self defense, responsible and legal use of deadly force, and all of the necessary gun handling procedures to be able to safely move with a handgun, and hit the target. This includes introduction and mastery of sight alignment, shot placement in the proper parts of human anatomy, rapid fire and recoil management, shooting in the dark, moving and shooting, target identification under stress, one handed shooting, tactical and emergency reload techniques, simple and complex malfunction clearing procedures, drawing from the holster, and operating the pistol or revolver in conjunction with a handheld flashlight.

What we do NOT cover in The Concealed Carry School are the more subtle skills such as how to manage cover and concealment in the urban environment, how to minimize your exposure to enemy fire while moving around cars or buildings, how to “clear” a room using penetrating and non penetrating techniques, how to overcome the handgun’s inherent weakness against fast moving close assailants, or how to incorporate grappling and striking into your firearm training to bridge the gap in the weapon’s capabilities in the 1 to 2 arms length environment. Simply put, these topics are too much, too soon for most handgun training students in the first 20 hours. Once you have mastered the basics of drawing, moving, shooting, and manipulating the gun, and can do it all quickly, accurately, and safely, then you are ready for the Applied Tactics series, where you get to fully explore advanced martial application for your weapon.

See you on the range.