10/28 Precision Rifle Play Date NorCal

Join us in our customer appreciation precision rifle range day, a casual event held at a BLM area approximately 2 hours from the bay area where we can bring out our precision rifles to play and stretch to 2000 meters and beyond.

This is not a class, but is open to alumni students who have an interest in spending quality time enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors with good folks, and an opportunity to socialize and meet on a more personal level, compared to the usual go-go-go on class days.

While it is encouraged that you have your own precision rifle equipment, several of the students and I will have spare rifles and ammunition and will be willing to let you use them as long as you promise to play nice and be gentle. All I ask is that you bring cash to help cover the cost of ammunition that you shoot. Precision rifle ammunition is $1-2 per round, and you might shoot 40-60 rounds throughout the day.

While there is no charge to join our outing, I will graciously accept donations via cash or Venmo for wear and tear on the targets and for setting up the event. Any donations from the day will go towards our scholarship fund for gun safety and self -defense students in need of training but who cannot afford tuition.

Once you register, contact Brian at info@monarchdefense.org to arrange a carpool. You will rendezvous with your carpool in the bay area about 7am, and should arrive at our training area by 9am. If you wish to drive yourself, you will need a high clearance all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle, as I cannot guarantee you that the roads will be dry or drive able for mere mortal machines. I have scouted out and measured a suitable training area where we can shoot steel targets out to 2000 meters. Once there, you will need to pitch in an help as we set up shade, lunch, and targets. You’ll be able to hang out for the day, and shoot or chat as you wish. If you want to stay later, you may, and if you want to camp the night before, you are free to do as you wish.

Bring folding chairs, shade, trash bags, leather gloves, Halloween costumes, food and drink to share, and camp stoves or grills for a picnic lunch. It may be windy or chilly, so prepare warm clothes and blankets. Bring whatever rifles you would like to shoot, any rifle is welcome, and we can set targets at different distances to accommodate your needs. If you want to sight in or gather DOPE on your rifle, this will be a great opportunity. I will have a laser range finder, but you are welcome to bring your own, plus binoculars and spotting scopes. If you are shy about lying on the ground, bring a shooting mat, sleeping pad, or yoga mat. If you bring a yoga mat, be prepared to be ridiculed.

We will plan to wrap up around 3-4 pm, then caravan back to the bay area, and be home in time for supper.

This event is for current and former Monarch Defense students only, you are welcome to bring guests and family members. Kids are welcome, as long as you teach them about gun safety first, and maintain supervision. You do not need to have special training or experience in long range precision shooting. Prerequisites are a good attitude, and safe gun handling. Violation of either requirement will cause you to be sentenced to sitting by yourself for 15 minutes while balancing an orange safety cone on top of your head. Repeat offenders will be castrated, their testicles fed to the dogs, and then abandoned to walk back to civilization on their own with neither a blanket, nor water.

Questions? Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org